Wednesday, August 6, 2008

August Already

This year is going so quick I am taking double takes on what month is it really? Well we are more than half way through 2008, which I know know surely that the 2007-2008 sweepstakes year has closed. Almost all points are logged in and we are placed pretty highly for that. Quality Points are however more important to me, it shows consistency of with is winning BOB/BOSB, whereas points can be earned from 5th to 1st place. I'm proud to say we are doing better in the quality points area, LOL!

My babies are just DOLLS! I'm in love with my Cracker Jack babies. The Sable Ammadon kit has one of the biggest heads I've ever seen on a JW kit. My JW/AFL cross kits have such amazing type I'm going to be keeping one, two, possibly three between the two litters despite the ear shape, length, and crowns. Speaking of babies we have had a couple more litters born about 5 days ago. I'm GLAD to say Kismet's Sia has given birth to 3 healthy kits! She's taking wonderful care of them. I have a solid tort and two brokens. Addison is the proud daddy, I can always count on his studliness. ;) And born the same day, Angel our squirrel JW doe gave birth to 3 healthy kits, sired by Wooligan's Hamlet. We have a solid and a couple broken. :) I love seeing all these broken babies around, oh how I've missed the pattern.

Wooligan's Skyler babies, sired by LeSage's Cracker Jack, all bucks!

It's been roughly about 90*F here daily. Its comfortable for the rabbits and I myself. Still, we are turning on the fans, of course.

We currently have several juniors growing up right now and theres one I'd really like to mention! WWR Sango, who is a broken black otter doe is growing out beautifully. I love her head and ear placement and pretty good shape too, well furred. Her body is so short and compact and smooth too. She's awesome. On top of it her Junior coat is super long and dense. Maybe I will be bringing her to convention to show. :)

I just remembered that I made a video a while back on grooming a Jersey Wooly. I just roughly explain what I do before a show or whatever. I need to upload that. Maybe I'll try doing that tonight. I know, its 1:45am.

The prices of feed are getting higher and higher... we were lucky that last time we got feed it cost the same or roughly the same... Hopefully it will continue to stay that way. I think my mom said it was $16.79 or something. :/

Well, thats all for tonight/this morning. :) I hope to continue to post, I have a few pictures I'd like to put on here and explain!
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4 Kings Rabbitry said...

Oh Susie your babies are just adorable! I really am a fan of your woolies. I hope one day I can own a WWR brood doe or show buck. May you have a blessed day!:-)