Friday, April 29, 2011

Awful Cute Around Here Lately...

Spring is in full blast and I am having baby bunnies coming straight out of my ears! Other than this morning's havoc of freezing kits, everyone seems to be having decent sized litters with good health (I'm seeing a lot less peanuts, larges, and max factors. But I am now knocking on some wood!) in the litters being born this season.

Though one thing I am noticing is that the more adapted the rabbits have become to our beautiful Northern California- Delta & Bay Area climates, the more stressed they seem in colder weather rather than hot. I see a lot of depression in my bucks and really lazy building when in comes to nests in the cold months. In fact, just this winter I was housing a rabbit in my room (which I never do) for what I am pretty certain was depression. I didn't think he was going to make it but just the first couple nights inside, warm, and lighted was a dramatic change into a whole new rabbit again. Strange!

This morning I was able to revive 6 cold kits out of 8. The two, most severe, were the ones who did not make it. I have a hard time with hypothermia in kits and I know the process of warming must be very gradual to prevent shock. I seem to do a good job and they'll start kicking and talking again pretty well and then they seem to crash. It's rather heart breaking and nearly brings tears to my eyes every time...

...getting off of the sad moments. I currently have 22 healthy kits ranging from newborn to 6 weeks of age! It's pretty exciting and I have a lot to say as pictures come! :)

Right now I will share my oldest kits, whom are out of Wonder's HALO X WWR Vixen. There are 3 Blacks born, 2 bucks & a Doe. I actually have 3 does out of a total of 17 sexed bunnies right now, I am super over run! However, I am keeping the buck in this litter because I think I might like him more than his sire and I am not ready to let the dam go yet so I am deciding to sell the little doe. The other buck is of pet quality so I don't have any photos of him yet.

Little Junior Doe.

Junior Doe again, she is so precious!


I have found my long lost love for my favorite color group... self! These blacks are so pretty and I am excited to keep the buck. I might show him in the next couple of weeks!

Here they were a couple weeks ago...

So sweet, right?

It seems it's been a rather lushful spring for many this time around. I love and look forward to much more pictures! And not just for bunnies... just this week I have seen 3 litters of Labrador Retriever puppies come into work. 1 litter of 11, 1 litter of 10, and another litter of 8. That's a whole lot of love!

Here's to the weekend!

Susie :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back from the WCC in Reno!

We had such a fun weekend in Reno! I ended up with taking 2 woolies to show, only entering the Nationals and Specialty shows. I got both my rabbits up for nationals but only one up for the specialty. I had clerked for the nationals show and I could definitely say that there were some BEAUTIFUL rabbits up there! I was most particularly fond of the nationals BOG AOV winner, a Black Pointed White Senior Doe. She was a beaut!

Other than the showing, I was really happy to spend a weekend with my best friends and meet new exhibitors. It's so hard when you only have a few days to catch up with tons of friends from all over the states in such a short time, I could have used at least 3 more days to hang out with everyone.

Sadly, I didn't have a camera on me, so I didn't get any photos! But on our way over from California to Nevada we saw plenty of snow. The host hotel was great and outside our hotel room was a great view of Reno and the moutains covered in snow. The weather was perfect even thought none of us really had come out much the entire weekend. On Friday night, Katie, Chloe, Lauren & I went to Johnny Rocket's at 1 am to grab some grub. It was such a blast watching people line dancing and having way too much fun! I think the 4 of us want to take classes so next year we can go back and dance to some good country music. :)

I ended up buying 5 rabbits for my herd. I got a trio from Melani F. in Southern California to hopefully help roundness of hindquarter in my herd. They are going to be great assets and are perfect for line breeding! I also bought a Pointed White buck from Desi D. from California as well. The buck's sire was bred by me and comes out of WWR Pee Wee & Wooligans Party Girl, my old stuff!!! This buck is SO adorable and I cannot thank Desiree enough, she is so sweet and I was happy to see her again! I also picked up a Harlequin JW doe from the Maki's who is a powerhouse ready to make plenty of babies. And thanking them for also loaning me a carrier to bring all these buns home. *shy*

I did however take photos of a few of my new bunnies! Still working on getting photos of the rest. :)

Sundew's Moonfire - Seal Junior Doe

Sundew's Luck of the Draw - Siamese Sable Senior Buck

BBR's Love Bug - Blue Pointed White Senior Buck

We currently have 18 Jersey Wooly babies on the ground with more coming soon! I'll get photo's up shortly. :)

Hope everyone had fun this past weekend!
Susie Cederlof

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Once Upon a Picture Blog

This weekend is the Jersey Wooly & American Fuzzy Lop Nationals (as well as others and West Coast Classic) in Reno, Nevada! This will be the first show I have shown at in over a year, and at that, a decent traveled one.

Recent thinking had gotten to me, I was very devoted to my blog with photos of traveling near & far for either rabbit shows, rabbit purchases, or just to see friends! I'm hoping to really pick that back up this year and will start with photos of attending the national show in Reno this year.

I currently have 5 litters on the ground with a total of 17 babies! WOW! Haven't had kits in a year so things are really exciting lately. ♥

Here are some current new photos;

WWR Jankenpon

Lil' Bit Farm's Harlequin

WWR Dirt

A young Opal kit we currently have!

WWR Sango

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Reno! I entered 2 rabbits, my best in his prime just started blowing his coat out today! Oh well!

Safe travels,
Susie :)