Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kits who show promise

Some breeders along with myself can tell which kit will be the best as young as a few days old. After you have been breeding for years and pulling kits out of the box everyday from day one, you start to see differences from the others just like you can tell in adult rabbits.

There is really no real "trick" to doing this, but I find it much much easier to do the more familiar I am with the line, or, if I can just tell that "this one is it." Sometimes I cannot tell a difference in any of the kits in a litter. I know my buck, Thumperhill's Ammadon, produces some BEAUTIFUL kits. I get excited after a few days cause I can just see how "pretty" they are. :)

I like to see short, thick heads, and nice small round ears. I also look at the mass the babies is carrying throughout the legs, and of course the body too, short and thick.

I'd like to show my last litter of Ammadon kits, who were absolutely beautiful since day one. They were cute newborns, and now that they are growing up, most surely some of the most gorgeous babies I've had here. I'm doing this combonation again, just because the style of the kits are so adorable, I see huge promise in them, and like I said, since day one. :)




Theres nothing that isn't cute about them... I'm hoping they will develop well, I have to very cute names I'd like to give them. :P

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

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