Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where have I been?

Where have I been? I was on a roll with keeping my blog postings, all all of a sudden, I disappeared.

The reason why I stopped posting blogs, replying to emails, posting on forums, and all that jazz was because my parents took away my computer and obviously that goes for the internet too. My parents came to me playing video games and weren't okay with it, and decided I didn't need computer rights(?) Whatever.

I have some super duper cutie patootie agoutis in the next box right now. A broken chin doe, a broken opal buck and an opal buck. As long with some beautiful AFL babies, two broken creme bucks and a solid tort buck. Can you say bucks?

Opal and Broken Opal bucks.

Broken chin doe and brkn. opal buck.

Here is a couple of pictures I have yet to share, a black buck and a broken black doe out of Pearl X Cracker. Do they look familiar to you?



Audrey and Sleeptalker? Nope! But they are half siblings to them. Cute, huh?

Here are my Cracker X Skyler babies, cuties!

Well, I have to go! I'm borrowing my bros computer for the short time, talk to you all later! :)


1 comment:

Briana Brown said...

Adorable kits as always!

Sorry about the computer stuff. lol

I know how you feel. My parents have done it to me too. pssshhh