Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stockton, CA 3.30.08 RESULTS

Ohhh what a long day! But I have to admit, it was a really good day.

Lets see, I don't get to bed until really late. Mom wakes me up but I was lightly sleeping all night, I wasn't feeling good. Mom calls my name when she wakes me up, I knew I had to get a little bit more sleep. Just a little bit...

I eventually get up and crawl off my top bunk of the bunk bed because Bri stayed the night, I hurt my ankle somewhat when I get down. Cool, great start. I put some shoes on, and a jacket. I get on the computer, I felt like taking my time this morning. I told myself to keep it cool and laid back. Well, the rabbits were being fussy. I got a little agrivated and had to tattoo a junior fuzzy lop doe. She would much rather vistit. I told my mom to help me cause she started frustrating me. I couldn't find my stuff, my pedigree binder fell apart, things were falling on me. I just tarted feeling hopeless. I lifted my chin up, took a few deep breaths and "started over".

Starting over was a good idea... first people we see are Christina and Tausha! Yay! Here comes Carol... Katie... everybody I've missed so much! Then later I see Angel, Tracy, Kelly... just so many faces I haven't seen in a while I was very happy to see again.

I kept it very chill. I moved my fuzzy lop doe Carley to open for more competition. She and Blue Belle were the only two I entered for the double all breed show. While Meena and Fives were only entered for the specialty. And this is how I did. ;]

Show A Woolies(Y): Allen Mesick
Blue Belle 1/2 BOG close to the BOB winner. ;]

Show A Fuzzies(O): Allen Mesick
Carley- 5/9 not too bad, there were some pretty does!

Show B Woolies(Y): Ray Stacy
Blue Belle- 1/2 BOG
The best of breed winner was a WWR sable martin doe bred by me. Cool!

Show B Fuzzies(O): Ray Stacy
Carley- 9/9

Fuzzy Specialty(Open only): Chris Zemny
Carley- 5 or 6/9 She got awesome comments with 'exellent' body type. I like that.
Meena- 4/5 eh comments
Highfives- 1/1 but awesome comments, she really did like her a lot.

The comments were GREAT. It was a really fun show day.

I also wanted to mention... I had a couple mention about my sweeps points. I'm currently #13 in the nation. I have to say, I'm quite proud of this! I've only been showing 2-3 *sometimes* 4 this new show season... I'm quite content with such a placing because I just don't enter 10+ rabbits to rack up several points. ;] These are genuine high show placing that are allowing me to do so well in sweeps. =] I'm really proud.

I sold handful of buns as well as raffled a few. I hope everyone enjoys their new stock! =]

I didn't take any pictures, but I did happen to take a video if OPEN BIS Judging Show B! =P

Audrey is currently nesting...


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Updates + Fetal Giant Pic

My gosh, it is 1:30am and I am very tired. I stayed up till 2:00am with the same doe. Wooligan's Cleo, was having a litter on the wire last night. I had to wait. This is my fourth generation if survivors.

So, last night after waiting a couple hours she finally has one normal, she was big so I knew something else was in her. Waited... waited... finally she gives birth to a fetal giant. Ugh. Poor girl, she was not happy. She started eating so I palpated her, she had something left, a fetal giant. Knowing no hope for the next baby, I hope she'll pass it okay. I'm sure she would, she just had one! So I go to bed.

Well, roughtly 20 hours later, I find another one in her cage. This one is slightly larger and is 6 inches long head to toe. I'm glad she passed it... I took my camera out and snapped a picture of it next to a AA(double A) battery. Everybody is sleeping including company, I don't want to walk across the house back and fourth for a quarter. ;P

So here is the picture. Sorry if it is disturbing to any, I see it as a learning experience.

Six inch long Fetal Giant from a Jersey Wooly next to a AA Battery.

I've noticed several on end of these with our feed. Maybe its time to find something new as I'd REALLY hate it. We'll see. I need to do some good reserch.

As for good news, I'm also going to type a baby count! Thought its late I'd like to do a similar topic in one.

Arnold X Millie
BORN: Feb. 28th 2008
9 Standard Cals

WWR Sir Mix A Lot X Dorissa's Mayflower
BORN: Mar. 1st, 2008
1 smoke pearl doe, 1 seal doe, 1 REW buck.

Wooligans Moe X Carey's Pia
BORN: Mar. 5th, 2008
1 sable point doe, fostered to Mayflower.

Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo X Wooligans Skyler
BORN: Mar. 7th, 2008
1 chestnut buck, 1 opal doe, 1 blue otter doe(?)

Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo X Rainbow Resort's Angel
BORN: Mar. 26th, 2008
2 tan marked, 2 dilute tan marked.

Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo X WWR Pearl
BORN: Mar. 27th, 2008
2 tan marked, 1 peanut.

WWR Sleeptalker X Wooligans Cleopatra
(FOURTH generation WWR babies!)
BORN: Mar. 28th, 2008
1 black. (2 fetal giants DOA)

Lucky Lop's Addison X Kismet's Conejita
BORN: Mar. 7th, 2008
1 blue tort doe, 1 blue tort buck, 1 fox doe, 1 blue fox/creme buck.

Lucky Lop's Addison X FH's Luvlee
BORN: Mar. 27th, 2008
4 babies, 2 solid, 2 broken. (3 *may* be peanuts)

Home, Does, Juniors, Fuzzy Lops, Nursery, For Sale, and Graphics pages all updated on my website!

I'm still making Rabbitry Graphics(banners, signatures, backgrounds, business cards etc...) for $5 a peice! I've been told by many to 'up my prices' but any little bit counts... probably in the next few months I'll take those words of advise, so get them when they are less expensive!(I don't even think they are expensive as it is now... haha)
For examples:
Email me at: if interested. =]

I KNOW I've forgetting something... I'm just SO very tired...

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

Friday, March 28, 2008

Updated pictures...

Here are a few pictures of our rabbits I took yesterday to update my website. =] Several of the does are pregnant so they don't appear as short as they should be. ;]

WWR Audrey - Preg. due April 3rd.

Morning Star Ah-uh - shes about 11 weeks old. Tiny girl.

WWR Drunky Brewster- who is currently for sale.

WWR Jinenji- also for sale, really comming along...

WWR Mew- he's been getting AWESOME comments at his last shows...

Wooligans Cleo- shortly had 1 black baby after this! =P

WWR Keasby, a cute fawn buck who is available for sale too.

Erb's Ariel- she's bred.

White Oak's Blue Belle- she just earned her third leg for granding. Currently bred.

WWR Bug- she has two legs but we have never been able to get a litter from her after her first litter of 1 fetal giant. =[

Oh, and here is a picture of comaparing the Cals that have different moms. The left is the one fostered to Kitty, a Jersey Wooly, while the one on the right is the one who stayed with Millie, the Californian. The kit on the left has charecteristics of a Jersey Wooly, much broader face and shortr thicker ears. How funny!

Hope you enjoyed, sorry I had to make it quick!
Wooly World Rabbitry

Thursday, March 27, 2008

EXITING news- Convention, Sweeps, and Spring Litters!

Well, this is the 'exiting' news I've been meaning to post for a while now... sorry for the wait. The news is... I will be attending the 2008 ARBA Convention in Louisville, KY! How awesome is that? First I want to thank my parents for okaying it and getting my ticket. Second I want want to thank my friends for encouraging it as still a possibility, and third I want to thank EVERYONE who has ordered graphics from me. I enjoyed creating them. =]

From what it looks like, I won't be taking much. Probably anything I'm taking will be sold... If I do take any, I have a few friends who have been on my waiting list for a well while. If you are interested in some stock from me, please do let me know! You can email me at Let me know what you are looking for and interested in.

And, anything that is going to convention will be awesome stock. Why so? Because I really do want to show them and promote my line. I'm a very honest person and will try and work out requests. My prices are generally: breeding- $40+ and show- $50+

Exiting! Exiting! I know. Hopefully I'll find some carrier space somewhere! If it comes down to having to buy individual holes off somebody, it will be the buyers responsibility to pay that carrier spot price in full.

On other exiting news, I got out Fluff of the Fancy yesterday and I'm currently #13 sweepstakes points, #1 district 2 points, and #6 youth herdsman! Cool!

Lets TRIPLE the exiting news! haha. We just had new litters born within the last hour. Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo(Reg. 3 Legs) X WWR Pearl(Reg. 3 Legs) kindled 3 kits. 2 are healthy and 1 is a peanut. Lucky Lop's Addison X FH's Luvlee kindled 4, but sadly, 3 look like they may be peanuts. =[ We'll see what happens. We are patiently waiting on Cleo.

Yesterday was my mom's Birthday, well, she loved one of her birthday gifts! Rainbow Resort's Angel kindled 5 kids, 4 healthy and 1 peanut yesterday. Looks like chins and squirrels? They were sired by Ro Sham Bo. Ro has been doing a great job with getting those does to conceive! =P

Hope everyone is getting lovely spring litters. And I also look forward to seeing you all in KY! =D


P.S. I think I will be posting more pictures tomorrow! =D
P.S.S. I updated my site! Please check out the very nice stock we have available now. =] Thanks!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Cute Stage *Warning* Lots of pics!

Babies are growing, and by that means, we've reached "the cute stage" when the babie bunnies usually start flowing out of boxes, showing true colors and personalities. Here, we have nine californians, seven woolies, and four fuzzies.

Here are the californians. He have 7 of them on "real" mom who is our Cal. Millie. Millie is a wonderful mother. However, the day her kits were born Kitty lost her litter. Some does I can see if they have depression to loss, and Kitty was one of them. I took 2 of Millie's kits in hope she'd accept them, I think she was more than happy to care for them.

Millie with her kits.

Millie being silly trying to fit in her box.

Kitty and her two foster kits.

The funny thing I notice about Kittys kits are they are a tad smaller, and have shorter ears and broder faces, charecteristics of Jersey Woolies. I'm honestly not sure what it up with them. Maybe next time I'll give one to a Fuzzy, a Wooly, and keep the others on mama and see what happens. Its a little strange. So, I'm attached to Kitty's kits cause I think they are "cuter". =P

Now, we don't have to pretend these kits are Jersey Woolies, these are Jersey Woolies! I've had some very nice litters in the past, but these babies are really catching my eye at four weeks old. Not only color wise, but these babies are short, stalky, with beautiful heads, ears, and ear placement. Something I look at go, "Now this is what I work for." I can't wait for them to grow up some more so I can feel them. Not to mention, these babies are natural posers and have wonderful personalities, loving to be held and pet.

Smoke Pearl, REW, Sable Point, and Seal, I think all does!

The Smoke, the REW, and the Seal are all WWR Sir Mix A Lot X Dorissa's Mayflower babies. The Sable Point is the foster of Wooligan's Moe(Sold to Tracy F.) and Carey's Pia(R.I.P. =[ )

My favorite of all has to be this Smoke Pearl Doe, I'm thinking of names but one isn't just 'comming'. As for now, I call her "Stump/Stumpy" Because she has these nice short thick legs with good chest width. Tooks like stumps to me! I have SEVERAL pictures of her but don't want to 'clog' my blog to much, hey that rymes. ;]

98% of the time, she sits like this in the nest box or cage.

Theres a reason why we call her Stumpy.

These are her two siblings, who have huge heads. These two, accually, have the same head size to body size. Almost like freaks. Poor things, they still are cute!

Big head REW.

Big head seal.

Here is their pal who was fostered to their litter. This is the Sable Point who I think I'm going to name Honeybee. If its a girl. =P ADORABLE little baby. =P

Sable point, "Honeybee" (?)

You have to admit, thats one of the sweetest faces you've ever seen. =P

Who prefers American Fuzzy Lops...? Well, you got it! These babies are Lucky Lop's Addison X Kismet's Conejita litter. I think these two parents matched would make a beautiful litter, looks like, these guys are really looking cute! Though of course, my favorite one is the one with the torn ear. I may keep her breeding.

Brkn. Fox Doe, Blue Tort Doe, Blue tort Buck, Creme/Blue Fox(?) Buck.

And a video, of them, being "hyper" before I took the picture. =P

And last but not last, Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo X Wooligans Skyler. We have a gorgeous blue otter, a chestnut and a opal. These guys were born the same day as the fuzzy lops.


I have three does due today, 2 woolies, 1 fuzzy. Wish me luck! =]

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Have a great spring...

Monday, March 24, 2008

American Fuzzy Lop Juniors

Our Fuzzy Juniors are growing up... I have to say they matured quite fast and not done yet, so I expect them to get better with time. I took some pictures today of WWR Highfives and WWR Handshakes, who just turned 3 months old! Wow, and they sure are looking hot. Besides their coats. Their headsets and type is just beautifully constructed, with a lovely 'colored' coat on top.

I did also take pictures of my babies, which I will probably post tomorrow or within the next few days. Bubies are cute cute!

Here is WWR Handshakes, Blue Fox(tort otter) junior buck. 'Shakes' aka "Frog" is a very nice little boy who is one of the sweetest tempered fuzzy lops I've grown. His nickname "Frog" comes from the funky shaped woolcap hes been carrying for a while. haha. Anyways, exellent type on this boy! If only, if only, he was a showable color. Cause he would seriously kick some tail. I'd fault him on a tight crown when he is exited, but if you put them down, they stay down. He has awesome head set, very nice body, wool was nice as a baby. Not to mention the width between his chest and the good bone. Nice shape and placement to his ears. I'd keep him if I had room for another unshowable buck. I'm keeping his sister, who I like equally who is showable.



Shakes is 'FOR SALE'... I'm *asking* $40. He is 3rd generation WWR, but has PFF's, AK's, Brian's, Lucky Lop's, Campo's, and Belokonny's. So he has some very good lines...

This is Shakes sister...

WWR Highfives, broken creme junior doe. She has good type too. She carries more depth over her body than her brother, which makes her a *tad* narrow. Beautiful shape and width to her head. Nice shape to her ears and good crown. Short, compact, smooooth body. Full to the table too. She too, did have a nice baby coat. I will most likely be showing her at Stockton this weekend.




I hope you enjoy the pictures I've taken of them. =] I'm exited to see how my line is developing as these are 3rd generation WWR.

More pictures and exitement soon! =D Stay tuned!!!

Wooly World Rabbitry

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flashy Colors!

Out babies are growing up, and showing some true colors. Here are a few photos...

7 Standard Californians by Millie X Arnold.

2 Standard Cals by Millie X Arnold fostered to Kitty.

1 Seal, 1 REW, 1 Smoke Pearl by WWR Sir Mix A Lot X Dorissa's Mayflower. 1 fostered Sable Point from Wooligans Moe X Carey's Pia.

1 opal, 1 chestnut, 1 blue otter by Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo X Wooligans Skyler.

2 blue tort, 1 fox, 1 creme(?) by Lucky Lop's Addison X Kismet's Conejita.

Thats all for now, more VERY exiting news comming soon. I'll update soon. =]

Wooly World Rabbitry

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rabbits Available For Sale

I'm really trying to cut down. I went through the herd and am deciding who is going to go now, and who will be staying. I have a handful of babies too, variety of colors, fuzzies and woolies. Not sure what I'm keeping if I'm keeping any. I really hate to let them go, but at the moment I need to cut down. I recently got my blood results in and I have Iron Def. Anemia, so sometimes taking care of as many bunnies as I have now is very exausting and starts loosing my intrest in my hobby. Everything is priced to go... please email me at

Jersey Woolies:

WWR Sleeptalker- Broken Blue Senior Buck(less than 10% coloring)
Sire: LeSage's Charlie- Brkn. Smoke Pearl
Dam: REG. Wooligans Skyler- Blue w/ 2 legs, 1 BIS at fair.
Super cute and small. Wonderful head set and woolcap. Small body, maybe a tad long. He's a little bit of a table hugger. Thin in bone.

WWR Drunky Brewster- REW Junior Buck
Sire: REG. G.C. Wooligans Hamlet- Brkn. Blk Otter w/ 9 legs.
Dam: Wooligans Cleopatra- Opal w/ 5-6 legs.
He's very cute, has a little bit of a 'controlling' additude(he's pushy). Short, lots of depth, full hindquarter to the table. Lovely head set, short open ear.

WWR Hanna Beth- Black Pointed White Junior Doe
Sire: Reg. G.C. Erb's Boulder- Blue w/ 15 legs
Dam: WWR/Dorissa's Kipsie- Lilac Ptd. White
She's also known as "The Last Boulder Baby". She's cute, has a head on the feminine side, but it isn't bad. Short ears, nice shoulder, *tad* catchy in her hip but it doesn't pinch, its also full to the table. Pretty coat coming in! I need a new picture of her.

WWR Jinenji- Black Junior Buck
Sire: Reg. G.C. Wooligans Hamlet- Brkn. Black Otter w/ 9 legs.
Dam: Reg. G.C. Pend.. WWR Pearl- Black w/ 3 legs.
He's a nice buck, great head and ears. Good shoulder, nice hindquarter. Currently a little out of condition. Selling at brood price due to white hairs seen under arm pits as a baby. They haven't come back yet though.

REG WWR Sir Mix A Lot- Siamese Sable Senior Buck
Sire: Reg. G.C. WWR Pee Wee- black otter
Dam: Reg. G.C. Wooligans Party Girl- black otter w/ 7 legs
He has a AWESOME head set. Nice bone. Lots of depth, super short. With that said, he needs some width to body. Nice coat. Beautiful sable coloring...

American Fuzzy Lops:

WWR Handshakes- Blue Fox Junior Buck
Sire: Lucky Lop's Addison- Brkn. Blue Fox
Dam: WWR Carley- Orange w/ 1-2 legs.
He's very cute. Big head(very filled cheeks), short round ears. Tight in the crown, but they rest nicely when put down. Nice short, round body. Would work great in a otter program. Can sell as pet w/o pedigree $20 (unshowable color)

(No picture available)
WWR Dale Jarret- Tort Senior Buck
He's more of pet quality, has a good personality with a super cute head set.

WWR Little Bear- Seal Junior Buck
He's cute and sweet, but doesn't have a body.

WWR Dignity- Chestnut Senior Doe (about 2 years old)
She is super cute, very sweet, wonderful personality. Its a shame she has amazing type. But she has butting teeth that need to be clipped every now and then... I'll hate to see her go. =[

I have a handful of babies. This is what I have:
Jersey Wooly: Smoke Pearl, Seal, REW, Blue Creme, Chestnut, Opal, Blue Otter or Martin.

American Fuzzy Lop: Blue Tort, Brkn. Fawn, Brkn. Fox.

Email me at if intrest in anything. I can send more pictures if wanted, information and prices. Again, cheap prices. I need to move them soon. Can bring to Stockton Mar. 30th.

Susie Cederlof

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little More than a Average Day

Why I say this is, a couple extra things happened today than a normal day for us.

First, I started my class today. I had to bring home 16 books, man, was that heavy! Things are looking up for me... and I'm feeling a lot better. Its been about 2 weeks or so since I was last sick. Goal! Though, I do have some stomach aches everyonce in a while.

Came home and checked on all my babies... everyone looks good! We have some very colorful babies in the box... I'm exited for them to grow up and see what they look like. The two californian babies fostered to Kitty have gotton points, strangely, the other 7 haven't. I'm patient enough to wait. The Seal and Smoke Pearl from Mayflowers litter are HUGE. I hope they don't go broody. Jita didn't feed her babies or something this morning to I had to pull her out and give her some oats to stay calm and still. The babies got fed, still not sure on colors. 2 solids, 2 brokens. One of the solids got its ear bitten, and looks to be healing somewhat successfully back to the base of the head.

I took a few pictures of Drunky as I wanted to post them with pictures I recently took of Mew. Both are slowly growing and getting better each time I look them over. However, I still can't get over their "narrow" shoulders. Honestly, I'm not sure where thats popping up. Hamlet's shoulders are a *tad* narrow but not as exageratted as these babies shoulders are... I'm going to continue to grow them and see if their shoulders ever improve. Darn. Here's a couple of pics...

WWR Drunky Brewster- REW Junior Buck

WWR Mew- REW Junior Buck

As I was finnishing that up, my brother, Morgan, and my Neice Lily come over! It's been a while since I've seen her... now that I don't have a cold of any sort, I can see her again. She was dressed really cute and today I was forced to hold her. I've never really held babies exept when forced to. She was good and wasn't fussy. She is VERY cute, and her hair is getting lighter like mommy and daddys. =P

Myself(Susie) and my neice Lily.

My mom, Jackie holding her granddaughter Lily.

We both look a little tacky considering mom's doing house work and I'm playing with bunnies. LOL. But, thats fine. =P Lily's three months and getting bigger by the day. Here is Lilly getting ready to leave.


I love that little girl. =]

One last thing, Abby has been doing very well on the show tables. I took a picture with her awards from the last two shows. She has gotton 3 BOB and a BOG on the other show. (four total A&B x 2 = 4 lol.) Anywho, I took a picture of her and her rosettes and metal. She was fussy however, but this is the best picture I got.

WWR Abbygail- REW Senior Doe

She has enough legs to grand her now. I just need to send her legs in to ARBA.

Have a nice day everyone!
Wooly World Rabbitry