Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Constant Comment

I couldn't think of a good blog title so I just gave it the name of one of my favorite teas. My favorite is Orange Pekoe but haven't had a cup of it in a while.

Luvlee is nesting bred to Hamlet. This is another Fuzzy X Wooly cross. Not only with these having good intentions of a turn out, its still experimental. I felt her belly and she has quite a few in there! :)

Carley is also bred and due tomorrow along with Luvlee... She's bred to Feeney. I really hope to get some babies out of both of them. I see great visions of this cross. I felt maybe one baby, but my palp skills suck along with me being to scared to feel whats really going on. I'll just wait it out.

I have a baby overload right now. I felt my Shakira babies and WOW I'm upping their price a little. They have their differences. One is smoother and fuller. The other is wider but is a tad more undercut, but better head and wool. I may end up taking one to the Summer Show.

I have a couple juniors from Blue Rain X Mystic who are super nice... One is showable and the other isn't. He's has a nose and head spot. With me keeping him and if I decide to breed him, I'm going to have to look forward to some future culling. The type is so amazing I think I can go through with it. His sister, a blue, is really nice too! I love everything about her, she can improve a little in the head and ear shape, but she has many nice qualities. I do love the fact though that the parents were dilute X dilute, and the major no-no was that mom has white nails. Fortunately the babies all have colored which I'm very proud of. I'm assuming its not very genetic, a good thing!

I pulled out Hawt Dayum today and she doesn't look pretty but at least she feels awesome! For the longest time during her uglies I didn't like her, almost convinced myself I was stupid for liking her in the beginning, lol. I'm glad I had patience and waited. She has a very pretty new coat starting to skirt around her bum. Ohhh her wool is going to be beautiful! Exciting. :) Her brother had no wool cap and so I cut off his wool. His cap is already in. Kicking myself as he'd look pretty cute to show this weekend if I didn't CUT off all his wool. Kaugra and Honeybee are looking okay too, no wool caps and funky wool still. Ah, don't you just love juniors? :P

Lets see... who else... Kiki is amazingly gorgeous as always. Roar is very nice too. His ankle is healing very well! Party Girl's babies are cute cute. Sprinkles the Chestnut buck from Skyler X Ro is nice. Spazzy personality though. >.< New York Minute is turning out cute, he's going through some weird awkwards though. lol. Who isn't? And can't forget Vixen, I like her a lot. She needs a better filled HQ though.

All together my line is turning out very well. I can't wait to keep continuing to focus and see where I go... A BRIS would be nice and a BIS even better... ;) LOL. We can all dream. I do my stock/lines/TYPE very well.

Most of ALL I'm very excited for this weekend!!! I cannot dread it enough! :D A good competition in a open show is going to be loads of fun. The summer show in Carol G's backyard is the best of the year. Great friends, great judges, great numbers, great times, food, pool, backyard, weather, its absolutely complete. Carol is a very fine breeder of AFL, judge, and friend and has a wonderful home and I want to thank her very much for welcoming us wool lovers every year to make wonderful memories there. THANK YOU CAROL! :) This is my third year attending and remember the previous years with no problem~

I entered Cracker(brkn. sr. buck) Ammadon(shaded sr. buck) Blue Belle(self sr. doe) Abby(self sr. doe) Ro Sham Bo(agouti sr. buck) and Xbox 360(self jr. doe) along with one fuzzy lop, Highfives(brkn jr. doe). These guys are the only few who are NOT moulting in my barn, everybody else is. Everybody else. LOL. My mom entered her two molty woolies, Angel(agouti sr.doe) and a agouti jr. buck who *I* call Micro Ears, but is unnamed to my mother.

I hope to see EVERYONE there! :) If you are still debating or haven't considered, theres STILL time! Send in your entries to Nancy ASAP! Its okay if you wake up at 6:00 am and go, "Hey, I feel like going to a show this morning, but only have one wooly..." Pack'er up and join in on the fun! Nancy is taking day of show entries, even though its nice to do pre-entries. I'm sure you won't regret it. :)

Other reports are that Katie's peanut passed away the other day. She lived exactly 14 days, two weeks. Opened a eye... Its sad but nature will takes its course and it's usually not meant to be for peanuts. :( As much as I wanted to I couldn't get my hopes up. My first peanut was a 2 week-er too. I was crushed when it was time.

I think that is all for tonight... I'm tired. The smoke in the air is exhausting and just slows me down... Last night I barely got any sleep. Bleh.
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

I've been MIA

I know I know, I'm busy. Today I made a grooming demonstration video of me grooming a wooly. I'll try and get it uploaded if I decide to share or make another one. :P

Here are a few pictures I want to share. Its been a while since I've taken pictures. Everybody is molting hectically.

My newest buck, LeSage's Cracker Jack. He's a broken Seal with 6 legs. Thanks ANGEL! :)

WWR Kiki a blue junior doe, 10 weeks with a molty woolcap- its the latest trend.

Kiki is absolutely beautiful and my favorite junior produced this last round. Unfortunately, she has a white nail. >.>

Katie's babies. The one in the middle is a peanut and 12 days old. 3 opal, 1 broken opal and 1 broken chestnut.

My AMMADON babies! So cute. A smoke Pearl and a Seal.

Her favorite pose, BLUE STEEL! (from Zoolander) Blue Steel will be her name. She's always shooting the blue steel. :P

Thats all for now. I hope to get everything together soon and cut down on the herd.

Sales pages updated on my website!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Major Herd Reduction.

I have to cut down as to being overwhelmed. Shipping available at buyers expense, and possibly holding until convention. Let me know if you would like anything, amazing start to anyone starting out with woolies, I can hook you up! :P

Email me at
and most can been seen on my site (bucks, does, juniors, and sale pages)

Jersey Woolies:

WWR Hanna Beth - Black Pointed White Senior Doe
(Reg. G.C. Erb's Boulder, 15 Legs X WWR/Dorissa' s Kipsie)
The last Boulder baby produced, and turned into a beautiful doe! Bigger side. Not much in the head/ear department(ears are short though) but wonderful body and gorgeous wool.

Reg. G.C. Wooligans Party Girl - Black Otter Senior Doe (7 legs)
(Reg. G.C. Erb's Boulder, 15 Legs X Reg. Brian's Lady, 2 Legs)
Party Girl is one of my all time favorite does. She had a wonderful show career and is a great mother. Still does well on the tables. This is my hardest to leg go. She'll always be remembered here. She has also given me my largest wooly litter of 7.

Hare's Mystic - Smoke Pearl Senior Buck (11 Legs)
(Hare's Touch of Gold X KT Kystal, 2 Legs)
I've never had the chance to register him. He's on the bigger side. Has a great head, little long in the ear. Tad long in the body, but very wide and solid throughout. Awesome wool. Has great kids, and grandkids are nice too.

Reg. G.C. WWR Zoe - Chestnut Senior Doe (4 Legs)
(Lil' Mojag X BJ's Nutmeg)
My first G.C. and a homebred at that. Zoe will always carry a legacy here at WWR. She has a great head and ear, wonderful little body and nice wool, but short. Zoe has made it three generations back, I think it's time to let her go. Great mother. I'll surely miss her. No denying that. (currently has a baby)

Cedar Ridge's Blue Rain - Blue Senior Doe
(Double K's Reeses X WWR Brie)
She has a few white nails. Haven't seen it on any of her babies yet, even to a buck who was also dilute. Great type throughout, great mother. I'd hate to see her go! Great to addition to anyone's herd, this was a tough one to let go!

Morning Star Ah-un - Broken Blue Junior Doe (charlie)
(Wonder's Sparky, 4 Legs X Morning Star Pearl, 1 RIS)
She's a cute little doe. Unshowable so moving her on. Still growing, and moulty at the moment. :P

WWR Kaugra - Seal Junior Doe
(Reg. WWR Sir Mix A Lot X Dorissa's Mayflower, 2 Legs)
I really like this doe! Still in the awkward stage, nice head coming in. Ears are a longer for my liking, but very nice WIDE body. Wool is not here yet. lol.

WWR Seal Junior Buck
(Hare's Mystic, 11 Legs X LeSage's Shakira, 13 Legs- 2 BRIS, 10 BOB, 1 BOSB, 2 BOG)
He's cute, a little big. Nice head and ears. Nice shoulders, topline, but a little undercut in his hip. Nice wool. From the best doe in my herd.

WWR Seal Junior Buck (#2)
(brother to above)
Also pretty cute, I think he is equal to his brother, but he's a little bit shorter, and a tad narrow in his shoulder.

WWR Black Otter Junior Buck
(Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo, 3 Legs X WWR Audrey)
He's nice! Nice body, head, ears, and wool. Bigger side. I love the shape of his body. Very nice personality. Just... big. :P

PETS: Smoke Pearl Junior Doe, Orange Senior Buck, Chestnut Junior Buck...

Also, possibly soon: WWR Sleeptalker, Black, 1 BOB Leg
WWR Cuddle Bug, Black Silver Martin, 2 Legs
Erb's Ariel, Black Pointed White, 6 Legs

American Fuzzy Lops:

WWR Keasby Nights - Fawn Senior Buck
(WWR Talladega Nights, 2 Legs X FH's Luvlee)
He's nicely typed, great personality. Molting currently. Great head, awesome short think round ears.

WWR Shakes - Blue Fox Senior Buck
(Lucky Lop's Addison X WWR Carley, 1 Leg)
He's a very nice buck. Smaller size. Great head, short ears with great placement. Has ear control when exited. Nice short body. Nice wool coming in.

Soon: WWR Carley, Orange Senior Doe, 1 Leg
(WWR Talladega Nights, 2 Legs X FH's Luvlee)
She's a nice doe. Great mom, has good size litters (3-5) Nice wool, head and ear. Short typy body, would like to see a little more width to it. Currently bred, for sale after litter.

Its a hard thing to do. :( Its happens though, you can't keep them all.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've been quite busy.

I've been quite bust lately. I'm sorry for no blog posts... I have a couple of blog comments I'd like to answer in a blog, and also a commonly asked question. Hopefully I'll get those up in the next couple of days. Of course, being me, I love pictures along with my bloggings so that's why I'll have to delay a little bit, SORRY! :P

I do want to apologize for my last postings. I was a little ticked off of somebody I didn't even know, but got on my nerves, it made me think of the past and their relations to that person. I shouldn't have gotten worked up like I did, but I couldn't help it. Things happen, people will be people.

Hobb's Katie kindled 5 kits a couple of days ago! She was bred to Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo. She is a Fuzzy Lop, Ro is a Jersey Wooly. I will answer your question, "Why did you breed a Jersey Wooly to an American Fuzzy Lop?" Katie has ears less than 3 inches. Not even DQ-able for a Jersey Wooly! They stick up too, looking like a Jersey Wooly. Not only with this major ear fault, she complimented Ro very well. We'll see what happens! I will keep this situation updated with what they look like and what I will due further with them. :)

My jersey wooly babies are oh so beautiful. I'm extremely proud of my WWR Kiki, except she pulled out the white nail thing on me. A little upset, yes I am. She's beautiful. I hope she'll grow it out, ohhhh if so I couldn't wait to show her. I might even show her for fun, I'd love to hear what the judges think too.

The bunny gods have been picking on my lately, loosing Polar Bear, Kiki's white nail, Roar's broken ankle, and today I lost my little favorite Ammadon baby, I believe to a broken neck. Its terrible, I found him alive but could still move his legs but couldn't get up, I brought him inside and made a bed for him, and he died about 20-30 minutes later. Its so upsetting, I tried to hold back my tears but can't deny the sadness. I am thankful though for having for the time being. Its the least I can do. :(

Its quite strange for me to be so upset about the losses of babies lately... It's hard when its your favorite. Another reason on chances to blog I don't.

I think that's it for now, but I wanted it share this little collage I made on polaroids in photoshop. Not the best as I tried to do it quickly. lol.


I hope everybodys staying well along with their bunnies.
Thanks for reading~

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some people! (beginning off topic-have some long)

This is a rant that is completely off topic. You can either continue or not to read, you may find out something new about myself, and hopefully not a clue unless you need it.

Already this sounds rude. But I'm just not exactly sure how to express this any nicer? I'm not going to pull out the f-bomb or take it to extreme limits as I was a gifted little child.

When I say gifted is that I'm true and honest. I'm the most compassionate person I've ever met. I also can comprehend and understand most problems, and be okay with it, with little life experience of only sixteen and a half years. I've seen a lot. I know a lot. But most of it runs in the compassion, comprehending, and understanding opinions and choices area.

The reason why I come to this is well, people can just be real jerks, and some people can just be extremely immature, when they know better. Its just one of those things that gets to me... I try so hard to be the best person I could be. As me being so compassionate, I forgive so easily, and trust so easily, and would just give my heart up for somebody, even if I barely knew them, because I can just love somebody so easily.

I've been screwed over in this hobby. I've had people jip me, lie to me, make money of me, steal my rabbits, steal my money, chew me out, I've been beat down, pushed down, I've been pulled around, told what was right, what was wrong, should do something somebody else's way. I've been told this and that, I've been made fun of, and people be nice to my face and say rude things to you behind my back, I've tried returning favors, but in the end, I just get screwed over, lied to and ripped off.

I find it truly amazing, not only have I had horrible things done to me when I've nothing wrong but trusting.

Second of all is that I'm still in this hobby.

The human race is so cruel. We can never get enough of hurting each other. I try and try and try... and I just get crap in return. I'm still a strong person, I still love what I do, but when I look at this hobby, slowly I see it deteriorating. My love is going, those ups and downs of uncertainty, why did I deserve this? Is a helping hand to much for someone? I guess, its not your fault, your just not as trusting, loving, and caring as me. Therefore I'll always be taken advantage of.

I know when I was a in elementary school there was something I was always taught. "The Golden Rule" Maybe before my time or after my time this rule was non-existing, or now expired. This is what it was:

The Golden Rule: Treat somebody the way you'll always want to be treated.

And also a very beautiful word called "RESPECT".

Its hard being the compassionate one. It always has and it always will. I know people who say they just don't care, about themselves, their family, friends, or anybody they know, or the unknown. It hurts deep down. How could you...? How could you NOT care?

I'll bend over backwards for somebody I just met. I'll give my heart to them, my thoughts, advice, teach them to stand for who they are, who they want to be, how they can understand others, just cause you don't like somebody doesn't mean you have to be RUDE to them?

This hobby is cruel. The human race is cruel. Our opinions are cruel. Our heartlessness is cruel.

I'll continue to try, until the day the well runs dry, to my hobby, my compassion, or my life, any of it, all of it.

But the catch is it'll be harder to come through to me. You better of HOPE you didn't screw me over, because you already messed it up bud... Its a shame for you, it honestly is. Not that I'll be rude or cruel to you... I think less of you and your cruel ways, you've lost some respect, you've lost trust. Its what you asked for, shame on you. If you want help remember not to come back to me honey! And remember in the end if you do get some sense knocked into you and you come crawling back, it'll hurt me just as much as it could hurt you. But I doubt it'll hurt you, ever. Your heartless for what you've done to me. :(

I'm a hot mess. :(

Sorry about the rant... Something just set me off tonight. The immaturity of some people. Oh, a few last words, GROW UP AND GET ON WITH IT! Now I'm wondering how and why you waste your life. Sheesh! And I could STILL go on!

I do have some rabbitry related news:
• Zoe kindled one healthy black kit a few days ago, sire by WWR Mew. Very nice looking kit!
• Ammadon babies are looking good! BIG heads on these little kids.
• I plan on having something fun in store for everyone, if it goes through. I need to see if its possible or not.
• Summer show coming soon, and exited!
• Bad news is WWR Kiki has a white nail, bummer, and WWR Roar accidentally broke his wrist. :(
• We will not be attending SCF this year, sorry friends.
• We are looking mighty forward to ARBA Convention 2008! :)

Thats all for now~
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's very late...

But I noticed WWR Zoe was in labor and of course I had to wait. I was too exited, as these are WWR Mew babies before he left and now resides in Washington with Greta. :) I think she may have more... theres one healthy black kit in there now. She also had 1 DOA peanut.

It's been a while since I've gotten babies from her, since I was trying so hard to get some from Tater Cake, so its pretty exiting. :)

Almost every blog of mine has pictures. :P So here as a few buns.

WWR Roar, chestnut junior buck by Ro and Blue Belle.

Roar top view.

Butt view of roar.

WWR Kiki, blue doe out of Sleeptalker and Ariel. 4th Generation.

Kiki front view.

Kiki top.

Kiki's bum.

A cute side view, doing her little ear trick. :P

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