Sunday, October 24, 2010

Get Tim to ARBA Convention (2011)

My good friend Tim @ Tru Luv Rabbitry in Malaysia has entered a contest for prize money in hopes to make it to the 2011 ARBA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Please follow that link above for quick easy steps to vote for Tim in this contest.

Thank you everyone!

Happy fall weather...

Hope you don't mind Tim ;-)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fancy Tattoo?

This evening I decided to do some tattoos. I was thinking of what to do to "trademark" my bunnies, as some do, by putting their initials before a number or the first letter of their rabbitry name before the name. I thought why not I do something a little more unique, a little more 'high fashion' to go along with my rabitry name (Haute Wooly Couture), and spice up the first initial of the rabbits name in it's tattoo?

I did a few tattoos, making them a little special by adding a little extra size and curve to the beginning initial. Then I came down to a doe who I hold very special to my heart. I knew then I had to go all out on this one! :)

Since this was my first dramatic tattoo, I was quite nervous. I was practicing the style I wanted to used for the letter on paper, and finally went down to do her ear and wrote it out with a fine point sharpie. I have never done this so I was wondering to myself, "Am I going to forget my place, am I going to get lost?"

I finally started it out and as usually, we have a squirmy rabbit. I made the M first before I went to the design on the side, JUST IN CASE I changed my mind or felt I wouldn't be able to handle it. I decided the bunny was not as wild as she could be and to finish what I had started!

I was shaking the whole time. I'm sure my nervousness didn't make my bunny feel very comfortable. But we made it out! And alive. I free handed the last of the letter "EEKA".

So here it is, the finished product!


And here are a couple more designs.



Please, though, you may not want to try this at home! Honestly, I do not know if this is a DQ or not on the show table. I was told by one that this is illegal so I might have to contact ARBA to find out? We'll have to see!

It's been a busy past week. My job got promoted from a Vet Receptionist to a Vet Assistant/Technician. I've been working all week! It's been a lot of fun. I've seen a lot of things I'll never forget!

Have a nice week!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Corralitos & Watsonville Show Weekend

We had fun time in Corralitos and Watsonville this past weekend. Corralitos we just had shown up to visit since our specialty had be cancelled. Watsonville was our show day.

We did decent. Not as well as I had hoped, but we had brought some pretty molty rabbits. The numbers were good as well as the quality of the competition. Considering we were missing a couple of our 'normal' exhibitors, you guys missed out on a good show! :)

Congratulations to the BOB/BOSB winners, as well as everyone else. In show A Amy M. won both BOB & BOSB with her AOV's. In show B BOB went to Carol G. with her Broken Senior Buck, and BOSB to Amber H. with her Self Junior Doe. It's not too common to see a Junior go that far, way to go!

For those who haven't known, I have switched my website address to:

Simply, why I have done this is the time I put into HTML is too much to keep up with. Yesterday I had worked my first day on technician side at my vet clinic, it was a 10 1/2 hour day.



Well wishes!
Susie :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Babies






Happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Half-way of 2010

It's been a long time but reasons are legit. Things started to slow down for a few shakes and have picked back up into full swing over the past week. Today I am writing this blog as my boss & family are on vacation for the weekend, and I'm not having to work! It feels unusual, but it is great to use this time to catch up and do some chores around the house. Hopefully clean cages this evening, maybe.

We've had a successful breeding season thus far.

Baby count this year(as of now or live to weaning):
Netherland Dwarfs: 3
Holland Lops: 2
American Fuzzy Lops: 6
Jersey Woolies: 25
Total kits: 36

I don't think I have shared much about my Netherland Dwarfs or Holland Lops. I currently own a pair of Holland Lop does, and a small handful of Netherland Dwarfs. I love the Netherlands a lot and having a lot of fun with them!

They remind me a bit like the Jersey Woolies and Fuzzy Lops combined. They are calm when holding them like a JW and excitable in their cage like a AFL. They take good care of themselves and also tend to mind their own business. I like them, they are different and their trays are SO easy to clean! :)

I also did rather well at Solano County Fair! It was a lot of fun with my buddies and so laid back. The weather was great, though it was much hotter at home. Most days we only went to check our animals and go back home to keep watch our others. It was a blast.

Melanie, Nikki, me, Stephanie

I was so proud of my favorite fair friends (above). They did such a great job with their animals and showmanship!

My results go:
FFA Advance Rabbit Showmanship; 1st
FFA Advance Poultry Showmanship; 1st
BOB Jersey Wooly: WWR Sango
BOSB Jersey Wooly: WWR Little Steps
BOB Netherland Dwarf: C&M Mickey
RBIS goes to my Jersey Wooly doe, Sango! :)
and also FFA Advance Master Showmanship Champion

It's been an interesting past couple months here, little good and a lot of bad, but that is just how life works sometimes. Just gotta keep moving forward!

Have a fun & safe Independence Day!
Susie :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Convention Hopefuls Pt. I

With lots of babies around here, I can't help but share some of our "Convention Hopefuls" We are currently working on a new website and hope to have it up in the next month or so. Things have been so hectic these past few weeks. Between fair, triple my hours, and my aunt being in the hospital. Unfortunately, she passed away last Saturday and we are still cooping with our loss. It's a hard thing to go through.

I think sometimes bad things happen in inspiration for better things to come. Sometimes one doesn't realize how precious life can be and how quickly it can be snatched away from you. When you realize things are bad and only getting worse, the best thing to do is stay positive. With hope there will always be dreams. Dreams there will always be reason, and most likely in a better hope for happiness.

Most situations have a purpose in the end. And some just happen because it is the way life is. The doctors said when they took the breathing tube out of her lungs, she wouldn't be able to talk again. A few days later, they said she would die. A couple days after that, they removed the tube, and she replied with, "WHOA!" That day, we talked with her for a few hours. She told us she was going to beat this cancer. And though, it was terminal, I believed her.

I though her body won't be with us I know she hasn't gone. She's the strongest woman I know, she didn't go down without a fight.

On brighter news, here are a couple babies who are really cute at the moment. I believe they are 6 weeks old and maturing quite well.



Take care.



Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baby Nethies







How could you not LOVE? ♥ If you can't, you're crazy. LOL.

Monday, May 10, 2010


What a great round up to the Dixon May Fair this year! It had been a busy week. Tuesday- arrival & set up. Wednesday- rabbit show & showmanship. Thursday- poultry show & showmanship. Friday- round robin showmanship (rabbit, chicken, cavy). Saturday- BREAK. Sunday- awards ceremony & break down.

This year I won 1st in my class for showmanship, it made me legible to compete in the round robin, supreme showmanship for small animals. Actually, this is more of a requirement with winning, as typically if you decide not to compete, you forfeit your placing, which is 1st/2nd place.

I LOVE round robin, and for the past 5 years or so have competed in at least one or the other at Dixon May Fair/Solano County Fair. My first year doing round robin (as a junior) I took 1st/Champion. Since then, every time I competed I always came so close, but ended up in second placing. Since I may close my fair years this year (I can still do next year if I really wanted to), I felt very pressured to do well then to wing the chicken & cavy showmanship like I have in the past.

On Thursday night I was up until 3:30 studying chicken & cavy showmanship. I was reading on all the body & wing anatomy on a chicken, diseases and such on cavys. Both I was gathering as much information as possible to take with me into the show ring.

Well, all that studying paid off! I got all my Cavy questions right (4/4), and only missed one question on the chicken (3/4). As for rabbits, I took too much time on the examination and our 5 minute time went up, and was unable to answer any questions. I thought this was the end of me.

Last night we went to the awards ceremony which they have never done in the past. They usually tally up the scores then, and hand out awards. That night until Sunday at about 4:00 the anticipation was eating me alive, I couldn't wait to hear how I did. I just needed to know.

We all lined up in the show ring and placed 4th-1st. When they went through and didn't call my name at second, I felt so relieved more then anything. They called my name for the Dixon May Fair FFA Supreme Small Animal Champion and I was pretty happy! YAY! :) I was showing as an independent, which is even more exciting because we usually get booted to the back of the line. TEAM UNDERDOG, GO! :)

Me & my awards.

It's been 7 years attending the Dixon May Fair. This place is my second home, has evolved me into the person I am today. I have learned so much, and I continue to every year. It may not be as it used to be, but I do take it as it is, and I know for many years, even without my showing I will be there. I've taught my competitors, and I've taught my friends, and now that I am growing up, I'm hoping the ones who pursue it take my place. I have so many kids who look up to me, and it makes me feel happy and believe myself. I try my best to help anybody who needs it. I feel it has been the number one thing since I started in 4-H. Helping & teaching others to be the best they can be. I know they will continue to shine.

Left to right, Sarah (4-H Junior Supreme Showman), Melanie (4-H Senior Showman) & me (FFA Senior Advance Showman). Melanie is a good friend of mine and Sarah is just a sweetheart! I'm so proud of them both.

What week! I have to go back to work today and have a busy week with that & watching Zeus. Sadly we lost a couple of babies this weekend to enteritis. I hate that! :( It's a horrible death process. :(

Have a good week everyone!
Susie :)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tons Going On!

It's been over a month since I've had the chance to blog, and even now, is a bad time to blog as I am SO busy!

I currently have a total of 22 baby bunnies between 8 litters & a wide variety of colors. This has been keeping off the computer on top of work, rabbit shows, and other various things. :)


A very promising AFL Junior Doe

Right now I am exhibiting my 5th day at fair, and tomnorrow will be my last. Tuesday was check in, Wednesday was the rabbit show, Thursday was the poultry show, Friday was Supreme Small Animal Showmanship "round robin", today I'll be going a little later to check on bunnies and finally have a chance to see the other exhibits & livestock.

I entered 7 rabbits, but only got to bring two, my Broken Magpie Holland Lop, "Puck" and my Broken Chestnut Netherland Dwarf, "Mickey". Mickey took 2nd place Senior Buck ND in a class of 7. I won my Showmanship class in Advance FFA as an Independent. My Astroloup hen got 2nd place and I also placed 3rd in Advance FFA Poultry Showmanship as Independent. Strangely this was only my second time doing Poultry showmanship, and I didn't get dead last! :P


As for Round Robin, we are all awaiting results until Sunday (tomorrow). Fun stuff! The anticipation is killing us all. Everyone did so well and I wish my fellow competitors good luck!

So, yes, I have been on the run. I attended the Stockton show last weekend, but did not show. I also attended the West Coast Classic the weekend before in Monterey, CA. We did pretty well. I showed my Broken Chestnut Netherland Mickey and he got his first Leg in show A! Super exciting. The bad news on him is, while exhibiting him as fair, it appears an accident happened and his toenail is completely missing. It appears as if it won't grow back. It's a bummer since he is developing so nicely, I was hoping to Grand him out...


C&M's Mickey at the Beach

This is just a quickly, hope to have more opportunities to blog soon, but who knows where I'll be next! :P I'll surely make a blog with my showmanship photos when possible.


This is a photo of my Fuzzy Doe, "Madalyn" and I at the beach in Monterey.

Have a good weekend!
Susie :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wooly & Fuzzy Beebs

After 8 long months of no babies (besides one kit that was out of a pre-bred purchased doe) we have 4 Jersey Wooly and 3 American Fuzzy Lop kits in the nest box.

American Fuzzy Lops: Lucky Lop's Capone (Brkn. Tortoise Shell) X WWR Olga (Blue Tort)
2 Torts (Madagascar) & 1 Blue Tort


Jersey Woolies: JG's Paco (Sable Point) X Skyview's Brittany (Smoke Pearl)
3 Seal (possibly Blue based?) & 1 Siamese Sable


These are only two of the kits. Comparing color. The kit looks more "blue-ish" based, but as they get older they look more of just regular Seal. I'm unsure, but when they get their wool we will be able to surely tell. :)

We have more does due next week! Jersey Woolies & American Fuzzy Lops. A lot of these kits will be available for sale.

If you haven't subscribed to my other Blog, Haute Wooly Couture please feel free to click this link and hit "follow" at the right hand top corner of the page. :)

Wishing everyone a merry week...

Susie :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Haute Wooly Couture

This is my new side blog (but am sure it'll soonly become my "main" blog) of my Jersey Wooly color project. I have a lot in store for it and am very excited to say the least.

Please feel free to subscribe/follow Haute Wooly Couture. It'll have active updates on cute colorful fluffy things as well as the building and learning process of my adventures. I'm planning on posting another time this week as well as a bigger post on Sunday.

Hope to see y'all there! :)


Saturday, March 13, 2010

R.I.P. Lil' Bit Farm's Bjork

We had a very sad day here yesterday. We lost a very special bunny to us and was surely my second favorite Fuzzy Lop doe. Lil' Bit Farm's Bjork.


Bjork was 2nd place Solid Junior Doe at ARBA Convention 2009 in San Diego. She'll hold a special place in our hearts.

Such a lovely doe... we'll miss her little qwirks. :(

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a Magpie Obsession

It's about time my "secret" comes out. By the title, yes, I love me some Magpie right now. And nope, nope not of the Harlequin rabbit breed! JERSEY WOOLIES. I'm in love with Magpie Jersey Woolies!

Who know such a thing existed? Well, I surely didn't when about a year ago I got an email from The Maki Family in Redding with some pictures of some unusual colored... Woolys. Apparently, Harlequin and Magpie. (check out their website here)

I feel in love and of course had to pester them for my OWN colored Wooly. :) A few months ago they emailed me with a Magpie Wooly doe to send me. Yes! I picked her up a couple months ago at the Santa Rosa rabbit show from Teri.

I fell in love.

Above is DTL's Simca - who is a Sable Point Magpie Vienna Mark. Festive!

So you probably wonder what the heck I'm going to do with this rabbit? Well, Sarah sent her bred. She had a litter, and inside we have a Sable Point Magpie, and a Tort Vienna Mark. I lucked out. The Magpie we got may be Sable Point, but it has a perfect vertical on his face, and 3 distinct bars on his body and is relatively clean! Exciting!

Oh, so cute!!!

As if I couldn't get enough, I also contacted Creator's Critters in BC Canada for a Magpie HL Buck she has available. After much planning and much help, I was able to get him down here! Thank you Serri Evans, Vern Marchetti, and Tricia Hill for ALL your help! You guys are awesome, I'm so happy he's finally here in California. :@)


This is Creator's Puck, a Black Magpie HL Junior Buck. I had to name him something Canadian-related! hehe :)

*phew* I bet you readers are feeling a bit, overwhelmed perhaps? I would have to say I am too, slightly. I have big plans, and am very excited. I hope to pull some Harlequins/Tri Colors out of these guys too. :)

"Everyday I want to try something I have never tried, go somewhere I have never gone, create something I could only dream of and learn something I never knew." -Audrey Kitching

Have a good week,
Susie :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big BIG Kitties!

Nope, not baby bunnies. Felines! Today was an interesting day. I usually walk to work, it's only a 10-15 minute walk across town. Beautiful day, everyone was friendly, flowers were blooming. I walk into work and before I set down my things, my mom & co-worker told me to look behind the counter. I thought I just saw a medium sized dog but boy was I wrong! A 25lb male Savannah cat on a harness. I've only seen the owners kittens come in. Here was her biggest cat, who is a F2 from a pure Serval.

This is "Trouble".

Here I am posed with Trouble. I'm having trouble. LOL.

Check out her "Cattery" at Savannah Island.

We have two JW's currently in the nestbox. They were born 2/13/10. One is max factored, his nose is really funny shaped, I'll have to get pics but he is very healthy other wise. :)


It's warming up a little, I'm enjoying it!
Susie :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting Game...

We are patiently awaiting upon babies at the moment... it's been 5 1/2 months since we have had a litter born, and the anticipation is killing me!


Simca was due the 10/11 of February. I think it is funny when we breed does on two or more days, they always have them at the latest date when you wish they'd just have them the day before. :P Eh, I don't care, as long as they are born fat & healthy. I'm really crossing fingers.

I've currently spent the past few nights with one of the animals I pet sit, Zeus. He's a really cool "dude" and a total blast to be around. A big furry boyfriend who doesn't talk back! LOL. ;) I took him by work today so I could run to the post office a couple blocks away. He sure is a hit, and pretty easy to control for the most part, aside that he is 160 lbs and I'm only 100 and 5 feet tall, even!


As I was walking home with him, I started watching the other pedestrians and even vehicle's drivers, one person about broke their neck driving while their eyes focused on Zeus. I was wondering if I could ever get in trouble for "distracting" drivers if a cause of an accident? I almost about saw one happen with this kid driving. Not good.

I currently have a few American Fuzzy Lops available for sale. Lucky Lop's Abraham & Hobb's Malakai could be found on my website on the "bucks" pages. I also have a SSD and a BSB available. Just making room for upcoming litters. :)

Here is my Broken Junior Buck, almost Senior, Netherland Dwarf C&M Mickey:


It's beautiful here today, about 60*F, a little chilly but I'll take it!

Have a good weekend!
Susie :@)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Show of the Year!

We've attended a couple shows in attendance so far, but yesterday was our first show for 2010, in Stockton, CA.

We showed 3 rabbits;

Jersey Wooly Youth A: WWR Sango, 1/2, BOG
Netherland Dwarf Youth A: C&M Mickey, 1/2 BOSV
Am. Fuzzy Lop Open A: LBF's Madalyn, 1/11, BOSV, BOSB (LEG)

Jersey Wooly Youth B: WWR Sango, 1/2, BOG, BOB (LEG)
Netherland Dwarf Youth B: C&M Mickey, 1/1 or 2, BOSV
Am. Fuzzy Lop Open B: LBF's Madalyn, 4/11

I was very excited for Sango, she didn't make it to Kentucky to be shown and this is her first time out since I put her into production from there. Her daughter is Rice Ball, who I recently posted. I re-did that cross and hope she took. She'd be due the 16th.



I also picked up an Opal ND girlfriend for my Broken Chestnut buck, Mickey. This is just a breed to play around with, I'm very excited. I got her from Chris & Mariah, they are both such sweet people!

Besides picking up a new Dwarf, I also picked up my new cages from KW! I'm so excited. We are in the process of replacing old cages, into new matching ones. Don't you wish they stay shiny like this forever? My Silkie hen Cindy wanted to be in the photo too...


I'm gone sometimes for 1/2 the month, this gives me little computer time and do most of my connections through my phone. I have a couple clients for pet/house sitting; this is Tucker & Lola who I was watching last week...



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hips Don't Lie


LeSage's Shakira - Registered with 16 G.C. Legs, 2 BRIS.

Susie :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Don't Wake Me, I Plan on Sleeping In

It's a sad thing to announce, but a relief to say that 3/4 of my Jersey Wooly herd has been sold. I am keeping 8 woolies, my best, and will go from there. I have 3 lovely buyers on the east coast (who have bought rabbits from me before) and I'm very happy they took up on my herd. I wanted them to go to the best homes, as these guys are my babies, my fur kids and do mean a lot to me. Thank you guys. :wub:

There isn't much to blog about in the rabbitry. We've had a rough and very cold winter. I'm patiently awaiting spring!

WWR Rice Ball - Broken Blue Tort Doe (charlie marked)