Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Breeders Selling Out...

If ya'll haven't read recently, Laurie Stroupe of The Nature Trail Rabbitry is leaving the rabbit hobby. Laurie has a wonderful website and blog of rabbit care info, and not to mention, beautiful Holland Lops rabbits of exceptional type.

I enjoyed reading her blog, website, and viewing pictures of her stock. I really do hope her the best of wishes with her life. And Thank You, for all the wonderful information you have provided everyone including myself. :)

But it is not only Laurie I have noticed selling out, I've seen a few other pretty recognizable breeders doing so. Many cases is just being unable to keep up with the costs of living... our economy is going to the gutter. I know people loosing homes, loosing jobs, hours... Feed and hay costs are going up too. It's hard to afford the hobby.

We have people leaving just to other activities in life. We all get older and may find other things we find interesting. Just like how it began for some. School is always one too.

Not to mention, the few who are just being misplaced in this hobby. It's amazing what people will do to each other to hurt others. I just want to say, I'VE BEEN THERE TOO. People are MEAN. No matter what you do. I had to take my trustee right hand lift it up, and slap myself across the face and to tell myself "I can be stronger." in this hobby, that no matter what you do, where you go, there will always be somebody who is going to try and tear you down, its not fair to you to let them do that.

I do want to wish everybody the best, who is and isn't selling out, and those who are going through hard times, schooling, or are pursuing new adventures.

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

It is sad about the sell out and even sadder to hear about people being mean.

I just do not understand the reasons behind some hostilities towards a fellow breeder. They are just missing out the point that is to have fun in the hobby. It is never about the winning and the losing.

I guess they are just immature to think and winning becomes one of the gods they are worshiping.

I wish you all the best and hope that the economic situation would pick up for everyone in US and out of US.

And while we're at it, let's cherish every single rabbit enthusiast and be happy that we have each other for company.


Lana said...

I hear ya... what people will go through to hurt another.... and too many good people selling out... esp the ones you dont want to.