Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big BIG Kitties!

Nope, not baby bunnies. Felines! Today was an interesting day. I usually walk to work, it's only a 10-15 minute walk across town. Beautiful day, everyone was friendly, flowers were blooming. I walk into work and before I set down my things, my mom & co-worker told me to look behind the counter. I thought I just saw a medium sized dog but boy was I wrong! A 25lb male Savannah cat on a harness. I've only seen the owners kittens come in. Here was her biggest cat, who is a F2 from a pure Serval.

This is "Trouble".

Here I am posed with Trouble. I'm having trouble. LOL.

Check out her "Cattery" at Savannah Island.

We have two JW's currently in the nestbox. They were born 2/13/10. One is max factored, his nose is really funny shaped, I'll have to get pics but he is very healthy other wise. :)


It's warming up a little, I'm enjoying it!
Susie :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waiting Game...

We are patiently awaiting upon babies at the moment... it's been 5 1/2 months since we have had a litter born, and the anticipation is killing me!


Simca was due the 10/11 of February. I think it is funny when we breed does on two or more days, they always have them at the latest date when you wish they'd just have them the day before. :P Eh, I don't care, as long as they are born fat & healthy. I'm really crossing fingers.

I've currently spent the past few nights with one of the animals I pet sit, Zeus. He's a really cool "dude" and a total blast to be around. A big furry boyfriend who doesn't talk back! LOL. ;) I took him by work today so I could run to the post office a couple blocks away. He sure is a hit, and pretty easy to control for the most part, aside that he is 160 lbs and I'm only 100 and 5 feet tall, even!


As I was walking home with him, I started watching the other pedestrians and even vehicle's drivers, one person about broke their neck driving while their eyes focused on Zeus. I was wondering if I could ever get in trouble for "distracting" drivers if a cause of an accident? I almost about saw one happen with this kid driving. Not good.

I currently have a few American Fuzzy Lops available for sale. Lucky Lop's Abraham & Hobb's Malakai could be found on my website on the "bucks" pages. I also have a SSD and a BSB available. Just making room for upcoming litters. :)

Here is my Broken Junior Buck, almost Senior, Netherland Dwarf C&M Mickey:


It's beautiful here today, about 60*F, a little chilly but I'll take it!

Have a good weekend!
Susie :@)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

First Show of the Year!

We've attended a couple shows in attendance so far, but yesterday was our first show for 2010, in Stockton, CA.

We showed 3 rabbits;

Jersey Wooly Youth A: WWR Sango, 1/2, BOG
Netherland Dwarf Youth A: C&M Mickey, 1/2 BOSV
Am. Fuzzy Lop Open A: LBF's Madalyn, 1/11, BOSV, BOSB (LEG)

Jersey Wooly Youth B: WWR Sango, 1/2, BOG, BOB (LEG)
Netherland Dwarf Youth B: C&M Mickey, 1/1 or 2, BOSV
Am. Fuzzy Lop Open B: LBF's Madalyn, 4/11

I was very excited for Sango, she didn't make it to Kentucky to be shown and this is her first time out since I put her into production from there. Her daughter is Rice Ball, who I recently posted. I re-did that cross and hope she took. She'd be due the 16th.



I also picked up an Opal ND girlfriend for my Broken Chestnut buck, Mickey. This is just a breed to play around with, I'm very excited. I got her from Chris & Mariah, they are both such sweet people!

Besides picking up a new Dwarf, I also picked up my new cages from KW! I'm so excited. We are in the process of replacing old cages, into new matching ones. Don't you wish they stay shiny like this forever? My Silkie hen Cindy wanted to be in the photo too...


I'm gone sometimes for 1/2 the month, this gives me little computer time and do most of my connections through my phone. I have a couple clients for pet/house sitting; this is Tucker & Lola who I was watching last week...



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hips Don't Lie


LeSage's Shakira - Registered with 16 G.C. Legs, 2 BRIS.

Susie :)