Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Aww, da baybees!"

Babies are growing up here at Wooly World Rabbitry, and the cute stage is kicking in. A line my 19 year brother has always said since he was 17 comes into place. "Aww, da baybees!" A deep low voice he'd say it with with a smile on his face. Augie has always loved my baby rabbits.

Back when he had less hours to work and was home early, he'd catch me around 8 o'clock playing with my bunnies for the night on the couch before its time to put them away. I'd find my brother playing with them, sometimes laying on the couch, talking to them. Theres always that little soft spot in my brothers hard heart of his, a love for animals.

I went outside and took pictures of some of the babies today, and adults. The babies are so cute and some are really promising. I do have a favorite, who is Mew, a REW buck. I didn't do this for long as we do live in "The Windy City" and the wind picked up. Blowing my buns fur all over, hard to take a picture like that.

First we have is Blue Belle X Hamlet babies. Both these two are very promising. Unfortunatley one is a charlie and has no nose marking. Cuter than anything though. I named the REW buck, WWR Mew and the brkn. tort buck is WWR Togepi. These guys are "pokemon". ;) lol.

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WWR Mew- REW Junior Buck

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WWR Togepi- Broken Tort[charlie] Junior Buck

Our Second litter of babies is our Pearl X Hamlet cross. I've named one of these babies so far. The blue do is showable and the two blacks are not. They have white spots on thier bellies, I suppose maybe they are overly marked brokens. They are adorable and sweet though, would make wonderful pets. ;)

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WWR Black Junior Doe, WWR Hanna Beth- Blue Junior Doe, WWR Black Junior Buck

Third batch to be born are these two. The pointed white doe is fostered to Cleo, who is a Kipsie X Boulder babies. =) The REW buck is Cleopatra X Hamlet. Yes, Hamlet has been getting the job done around here. ;) Both of these too have cute looks to them, both should be show babies.

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Left: Blue Pointed White Doe by Boulder X Kipsie
Right: REW Bcuk by Hamlet X Cleopatra

Last but not least, we have a Siamese Sable buck by Pop Quiz X Pia. This was a test combo, not really disired for a show quality animal. He doesn't look too bad, though. ;)

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Let me know if you would be interested in any of these babies. =) I do have ideas of who I'm keeping now and am not. I'm sure some of these will be pets, such as Togepi and the two blacks.

Susie =)

Lodi, CA 11.24.07

Today was a pretty decent show day. I only brought a few rabbits to show. Two woolies and three fuzzies to be exact.

I'm keeping this post very simple and sweet, I'm tired and really want to go to bad. ;)

Show A JW: I won BOSB with WWR Abbygail. She's my REW Senior Doe whos taken many months to develop. =P I'm very pround of her. She has many many many group wins where shes just needed an extra rabbit or exibitor to win a leg. She finally got her first. ;)
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Show B JW: I won BOB with my new Shaded Senior Buck, Thumperhill's Ammadon. This is his granding out leg. I'm happy he did well. I honestly can't wait to get some babies from him. Excuse his bad picture, hes a bit of a table hugger! lol. And the lighting is soo horrible, I'll get a new one up soon!!!
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In Show B AFL: Addison won 2/6. Yay. Theres a little story behind this, I'll just say I'll re-tatt him for a better win next time! lol.
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Until next time, may your bunnies be wonderful winners. See everyone in Red Bluff!

*Stockton, CA show pictures comming soon!*

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Napa, CA + Fresno, CA shows

Here are a few updates on wins... =)

We attended the Napa, CA show on 10.28.07. I brought 6 woolies and two American Fuzzy Lops. Everybody was just comming out of molts that day, we decided to go because my mom really likes this show. Its a little more calming than usual. In the morning I decided to add on one wooly. As making the add on for show B(after I just done "A") A was targeted by the Mini Rew people. I was trying to do an add on! But did about 5 or 6 other requests for people, add ons, moves, scratches, ear # changes... When I got my wooly added on, I realized everyone was gone, and I fleed the scene. ;) Didn't get far, though. I saw Leslie T. was juding with everyone whatching her checking over their holland lops. "Leslie, you need a clerk?" "Sure, get clerking!" And thats how my day began. Good thing I had arrived early and got all my buns groomed/blown. It's certantly an honor working with Leslie. She is a wonderful judge. =)

I had shown open this day. My mom put all my rabbits on/off the table while I was clerking. Thank you mom! =D

In Show B Hare's Mystic took BOSB.
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Now, we have Fresno, CA which was on 11.10.07. I brought 5 woolies and 1 fuzzy. I woke up at 4:00am for this show, and my mom drove me over to Lodi, where lovely Katie R.(Starlite Rabbitry) was comming through and picked me up. Off to another adventure, this time into Central California.

I woke up that morning with no voice. What-so-ever. A faint sound or two may have come out when I said, "Oh, Katie isn't going to belive this!" After warming my voice up, some come out, it was harsh and squeaky. Oh boy, did it hurt to talk when you "Cs" or "Ks". I adjusted. From Lodi CA we took a 2 1/2 hour drive or so down to Fresno. We did good on our driving directions, and Katie had some good natural instincts. We arrived at the show room about 15 till 8:00(am) and paid and went to grab something to eat. We then met our friend, Michael P. or Silent Springs Rabbitry, which has been a long wait and a long time of internet connection. Yay! It was awesome for us to talk with him the whole show, and see his wonderful Mini Lops, which just seem more gorgeous in person. We also got to meet his one and only American Fuzzy Lop!

After a long show day, we did some "pairing" up of Katie's and Jenny + Mary H's Fuzzy Lops. We did some complimenting, looking at the bucks/does that would produce nice babies.

I only did a *little* clerking this show. I was sick, I told my self I was going to relax and take it easy. I only ended up clearking for youth Jersey Woolies. THat was enough. My allergies started acting up then. =P

I took many BOG, and BOSG. I also took BOB and BOSB in show B! Our winners:
BOB- Wooligan's Party Girl
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BOSB was Hare's Mistic, pictured above.

We all did great this day. Congrats everyone. =)

Here is a picture of some of us Fuzzy Lop owners- (left to right) Jenny H., Katie R., Susie C. Photo taken by Mary H.
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Thanks for reading!
Wooly World Rabbitry

A Couple of Cute Babies

A couple days ago I decided to take pictures of some of the current babies. One litter looks big enough for some pictures, the others are still a little small and skiddish. These are our first live White Oak's Blue Belle babies and first litter of Wooligans Hamlet babies.

These two were born on 10.21.07. We have a REW buck(WWR Mew) and a Brkn. Blue Tort who is a charlie due to no nose marking(WWR Togepi). Both have exellent personalities and have the cutest faces I've seen in a while.

I took many many pictures of the two, here are my few favorites of the bunch.
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I plan on getting pictures of the other litter who are ready to be on the carpet, within the next couple of days. =)

Sorry for the lack of updates! Phew, am I busy! Try and catch me at a show and say "hi!". I'll be at Stockton, Lodi, and Red Bluff(both days).

<3 Susie