Sunday, August 10, 2008

Job and Bunnies for Sale:

Well, tomorrow is the day I start my job! I'm working at the vet clinic here in town. :) Its exciting since they have wanted to hire me for a long time(my mom has worked there since I was seven, 9 years). I cannot wait to start working with my moms co-workers(I love them) and seeing animals and most of all PEOPLE! I'm a "people person". :P

Heres a blog with what I have for sale, I hope to get on my site later. The prices are really cheap. If you are wanting ot start a herd, I may have something IN STORE for you!

I have side, top, front, and back shots of everyone. If your interested, feel free to email me! More info can be read on my sales page.

With brood I'm mentioning why they are differed from show quality.

WWR Hanna Beth- Lilac Pointed White Senior Doe (BROOD- DQs; color, weight)
Very nice typed doe!!!

WWR Kaugra- Siamese Sable Senior Doe (BROOD- head/ears)
I love head body and wool. Her head isn't too bad but I do not like her ears.

Hare's Mystic- 11 Legs- Smoke Pearl Senior Buck (SHOW/BREEDING- bigger, 3 years old)
Great producer, several winnings, PROVEN

WWR Kohaku- Broken Blue Junior Buck (SHOW)
He's still growing, but I think he will turn into a really pretty buck!

Morning Star Ah-uh- Broken Blue Senior Doe (BROOD- DQ; charlie)
She's missing a nose marking but would make an amazing doe to put into a breeding program! Great head/ears, body and wool.

WWR Smoke Pearl Junior Doe (BROOD- DQ; white nails)
AWESOME doe! I'd keep her if she was the showable one over her sister. Absolutely beautiful girl.

(such a terrible picture)
Cedar Ridge's Blue Rain- Blue Senior Doe (BROOD- DQ; white nails)
One of the best does in my barn, unfortunately, unshowable. Great overall type and wool.

WWR Siamese Sable/Seal Junior Buck (SHOW/BREEDING)
He's still growing into himself, but really like what he is turning into, his ears are a little long. He's is a Shakira X Mystic baby.

Thats who I recent picture of now. I would put in all the shots of each rabbit but its too much. Too bad I NEED to cut down, cause a lot of these guys would stay!

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