Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bye-bye Bunnies!

Today we waved goodbye to our dear 6 bunnies who will be attending the ARBA Convention in Louisville, KY.

I have to say, it is heartbreaking. You wonder if that will be the last time you will see them and if they are going to make it there and back okay. However, I do not further those emotions as we do not need any of those "bad vibes" floating around and connecting.

I wish Gail and Chuck the very best and safest drive. Tonight they plan on only making it to NV. Our very last words being, "See you in Kentucky!" just gave me that feelings, WOW- this is OFFICIAL! This is really happening! I've waited a few years for this moment. I'm am quite stoked, I may add.

My best entry, WWR Sango, will not be attending convention. This is such a shame, she just isn't in coat and I will not put her through stress if she isn't finished enough. She is such a deserving doe, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Nationals or Convention 2008?! I THINK SO! :)

I want to thank EVERYONE for the good-luck wishes and safey thoughts! I truly appriciate it. <3 I plan on giving blogs *hopefully* while I am there. If not, expect lots of TALK and PICTURES when I return!

I added a blogging link to my side bar- Tru-Luv Rabbitry. If you aren't checking out Tim's blog already, I highly reccomend it! I hope you don't mind Tim. :) I have a couple other blogs in mind I'd like to add to it, but I think its time for bed...

Until next time...

P.S. 3 more days! Eeek!!! LOL.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stockton Rabbit Show- 10.18.08

Hello all,
Today was a great day at the Stockton, CA show. The weather was perfect. This was by far the smallest Stockton show I have ever been too!

Though I attended, I did not show. I delivered a few sales rabbits and hung out all day with our friends. I want to welcome Rachelle of Wroyal Reign Rabbitry back into the rabbit hobby. :) She picked up WWR Carly and WWR Highfives. I think she has gotten a wonderful start with her American Fuzzy Lops. I really hope my two girls fit in well and will make beautiful babies for you.

Rachelle, Katie(Starlite Rabbitry), Amber(Wonder Woolies Rabbitry) my mom and I sat down and had conversations with each other. Its been a long time since we've had such a relaxing show with no tension! I think it was great, and even with a week before ARBA Convention- it was what I needed. (I need to stay sane, ya know. ;)

I took a couple pictures of some Fuzzies. I'd like to share.

Starlite's Jamba- an Orange Junior buck owned and bred by Katie of Starlite Rabbitry. Jamba did really well for Katie!

This is a little Fuzzy Holland Lop that my good friend Teri Reymann of Sonshine Rabbitry had gotten in a litter. This little guy was exceptionally typed, and will probably make his new owner proud. :)

It was great seeing everybody today and nice meeting you, Rachelle!

Wooly World Rabbitry

Convention- 1 week away!

Convention is one week away! I'm SO nervous! Eeek!

Stockton is tomorrow, I'm delivering some sale buns, however, I was to busy to ever enter. LOL. I love seeing friends, so that will be great. :)

I got pictures!

This is a broken chestnut Jersey Wooly X Fuzzy Lop cross. At least he's cute! What a silly set of ears though!

WWR Pure Morning- Brkn. Chinchilla Junior Doe, what a doll!

WWR Olga- Blue Tort Senior Doe, what a chunky little girl...

WWR Hawt Dayum- Smoke Pearl Senior Doe. Long time, no see! She matured out pretty cute. :)

DTL's Lee- Orange Junior Buck. He will be attending convention. He's a real cutie.

White Oak's Blue Belle- I love this doe, she has gorgeous bangs and side trimmings!

Opal Junior Buck- JW X AFL cross. He's the brother to the Brkn. Chestnut guy at the top. This guy is all around CUTE!

Susie :)