Monday, March 30, 2009

Road to recovery...

It's been a good few days here at home and work. I feel our spirits arise for the health of Rabbajoe, as we see improvement increase.

Saturday morning I took him to work with me, he did much sleeping as we could see he needed it, his eyes get extremely blood shot when he is tired. It was a busy day, but he was crashed most of the time.


Since Saturday is where I saw *improvement* the kind I am proud to talk about. He was alert and attentive, and even moved around the lawn a little bit to check it out. I'm so happy to see him a little bit brighter.

At work in the chair we brought out from the break room that he sleep in all day, he's quite spoiled... :P

Poncho excited to see his friend when we got home from the long day, and still, Rabb is tired out.

Today, he has been most himself since this all happened! He ran around, jumping up on me, came to my call. I'm so happy to see how well he is doing!!! We are all very happy. He is not out of the woods, so I won't get my hopes up... I thank you all for your support, thoughts, and prayers. I really do think you all have made a difference in our little guys life! Positivity will never let you down!

I'm going to try and fit one more blog post before Thursday/Friday when Katie and I trek to Utah! I have pictures to share! :)

Take care!
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

Friday, March 27, 2009

One Thing After Another

Breaks our hearts... Rabb has been continuing to get better, slowly, day by day. We see much improvement between activity and appetite. But today, when mom brought him to work at 12:00noon(I had to work from 8:30am-6:00pm) I noticed something wrong with him when Mandy picked him up, his face was swollen. I showed Mandy and my mom, where we assumed it was probably a tooth.

So we checked it and man, was he NOT HAPPY. For those chihuahaua owners, I'm sure you understand what babies they are... but it got more and more puffy from a couple hours of watch. We sedated him and Doc checked his gums and tooth, it was more of his lip, and we really aren't sure what is wrong.

Our sedated little guy with a big puffy cheek/eye.

We switched to Phenobarbital in oral liquid, which he has been on injectible phenobarb. We're going to do injections again, go back to oral liquid, and see if it happens again... this who ordeal is one huge learning experience. We saw no improvement on the oral tablets, he had a bad case of paranoia, none of us were getting any sleep.

We see lots of improvement, but gosh, is it hard seeing him get tired. :( I dunno what is right or wrong... we as a family decided amongst the quality of life, but we know it is not yet time, and when it is we will know... I'm just hoping he'll hold out, I want to see his perky happy self again. With everything going on around me, I'm trying to keep my head up.

Later tonight at the Clinic.

At least he is eating, drinking, walking, and resting. For a few days he was doing none of them. In the end, everything will be okay.

One week from now we'll be in Salt Lake City, Utah! Hope to see new and familiar faces! :)


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on Puppy Dog...

Well, today Rabb is acting MUCH better! The night before last night, I had finally got him to eat... a few tiny pieces of turkey lunch meat and about a tablespoon of cottage cheese. It was something, a long with 10 or so laps of water. I sung him to sleep, with "Echo" by The Hush Sound, its one of the few songs I can sing that doesn't come out terrible through my lips. lol.

All day yesterday... he was alright. Mom took him to work and dropped him off there, so doctor and Mandy can keep watch. My mom works at 12:00noon and I was filling in for somebody at 2:00pm. And there, he seemed alright... but we thought it was a good thing when mom and I saw him standing looking at us through the kennel. He was standing, a good thing, since his back legs have gone week from much rest.

This morning, he appears remarkably better! Of course he is not out of the woods, but he is more alert. He wanted to go for a car ride, which we know he loves but with him being sick he doesn't really care, meaning we have to pick him up than him following us.

Instead of giving him phenobarbital caplets, we've been giving him injections. I've noticed a difference since this switch. We just got him the liquid oral kind, and I'm honestly a little nervous if this will make a difference for the worse. I guess we will just have to see what happens...


I've been sending my spiritual will power to him, I surely hope he pulls through. We all love our little guy dearly!

"I am your thought but the water is amnesia,
my name is on the tip of your tongue...
My image is slipping,
but your memory is gripping it,
this is my breath in your lungs."

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Wishing Upon A Miracle

Slowly, our little buddy is being taken away. Our family is still wishing, hoping, praying something will change, and make our family member better. Rabb hasn't shown much progress, is any "betterment" is said, it doesn't make anything better, because he is completely un-okay.

It's heartbreaking. For the first time in a long time have I turned away from suffering. When I saw him this morning at the vet clinic, I watched in horror. Until I simply couldn't take it anymore, I couldn't do anything, I could have been torn into a thousand shreds then in there, and would have allowed myself to if I didn't have to go work. I walked away with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

He's not quite "suffering" but is quite neurotic. I think morning will determine our decision. Please send good thoughts, vibes, prayers our way. We are wishing upon a miracle. We will not allow any of our animals suffer.


Thinking good thoughts~

Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Chihuahua "Rabbajoli".

This weekend will probably be a long one. I was going to try and attend the Hanford, CA show tomorrow, however I got called into work. I'm glad I chose that because our little dog, "Rabb" is sick.

Rabb has epilepsy, and yesterday evening it it got pretty bad. Usually, he'd have a seizure once a week. We've been having blood tests run on him, but everything comes back fine. Yesterday evening he had three, starting at about 7:00pm with one every hour until 10:30pm.

During the mile of the night, he had three more.

Doctor didn't pick up his phone last night, but called us back this morning. We brought him in where he was given some medicine, and kept to stay on watch. He had three more little seizures, and appeared to be doing fine.

Though it is sad, not only the seizures but with being on this medication, it makes him very "spacey". He looks around, not as responsive or alert. Looking into his eyes, you don't see much emotion. Though this is the affect of the medication("high") it breaks my heart a little knowing that he may not ever be himself again... since he will be on this medication for life. However, we've got to do what we've got to do.

I just gave him his second dose of medication, and he shortly had a seizure before that. It was just a minor one. *sigh* We'll just have to wait an see how he continues to do! It's not a complete bad thing he just had one, his system is still adjusting the the drugs.

A little off topic... but I love the little dude dearly. I'll continue to keep ya'll updated on our boy! He's a special member of the family just like our other pets, and too is held closely to our friends.


Rabb (who is also known as Cowboy, Herbert, or Puppy) just turned 5 years old on March 4th. He was the survivor of his litter born in our home when his mother killed his two other siblings. He is very special to me as I found the tragic happening and held him close to find he was still alive and untouched. :'(

I'll keep ya'll updated...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

West Coast Classic

I've just gotten the chance to check out the "West Coast Classic" website. The WCC is going to be a multiple opportunity rabbit show and learning experience from April 24th-26th in Monterey, California.

Now that I've looked into it, this is something I absolutely HAVE to attend! There will be several All-Breed rabbit shows, along with several specialty breed shows and even Beveren and Mini Lop nationals! There will be a judges conference held, and many youth activities. I love see that the judges are out-of-state! This is exciting to most rabbit breeders and exhibitors who show on a regular basis. It's a chance to receive and new opinion on your stock to value. Types are styled differently all over the nation. What may be a garbage type rabbit to me may be treasure to another breeder in another state! Judges may be impressed or discouraged. It's nice to see a new face and hear new opinions or confirm opinions of other judges, than having the same rabbit judged by the same judge 2-3 times that year!

High Flying Fuzzies is holding double open specialty shows. I think this means we get to show our fuzzies five times in one weekend! Wowza!

I'm considering entering some of the youth contests. It has been a good while since I have done any youth contests, and though sometimes I don't do well I still enjoy to do them. :) I'm a little nervous thinking of it... but hey, I better start prepping now cause I will most likely have several this year! (If I follow through and do them. I always happen to be sick on show days... lol.)

Anyways! The website, check it out attending or now, California or New York, it is still really cool!

Sounds like my friends will all be going! I think its going to be a great turn out. :)

Hope to see you there!
Susie Cederlof

I Love Wool!

One thing I love about my bunnies is their wool. Just the fact of their long wool makes them beautiful to me. Just like anybody else and their breed of choice, there is just *something* about it that makes you proud of it, want to show it off and present it to others.

I love showing pictures of my animals to my family, friends, teachers and clients. The looks and amazement make me smile. Many do not know rabbits can come in long hair, and if so, shocking cause they are "angoras?!". No, they are not Angora, but I do describe them to many as "Mini Angora". It makes much more sense to the common person, being they don't associate with rabbits. ;)

I do a lot of public display at our local fairs. You will notice many people will attract too my Jersey Woolies and others to the Holland Lop or Californian. Everyone has different taste! Is somebody chooses a Californian over my Wooly, honest I get a little greedy inside and can't quite wrap my head around why they would rather touch or talk about that than my Wooly! LOL!

Here are some of my Woolies. When I get cut down to the rabbits I want I will probably have less than 12. That's back to the numbers in the day! It'll be a good thing, it'll be healthy for my herd to smaller and I plan to line breed from there. I'm "expanding" my Fuzzy Lop herd. Stay posted in the next few months!

White Oak's Blue Belle- Blue Senior Doe w/ 3 Legs
I got Blue Belle from Marcia H. of White Oak's Woolies in Wisconsin. Marcia has been such a great to me and my herd, I really appreciate her and her help.

DTL's Lee- Orange Senior Buck
The Maki's gave me this little guy as a ugly teenibopper(LOL) in a trade and wow has he developed! I'm having troubles building flesh on him since Convention. I assume maybe I should worm him? Sounds like a good idea now that I think of it! Just in case! It's dawned on me maybe that's what our problem is. We'll see.

WWR Raquel- Broken Black Senior Doe
Again, here's my little girl. She surely is a cute little gal. But like I said, man, does she have an attitude! She's not mean, she's just jumpy and squirrely. I don't like it... :P

Wool is just striking to me, it looks fancy and elegant. I brought home something "wool-less" at the last bunny show. I caved after years of being good and not bringing home anything that wasn't a Jersey Wooly or Fuzzy Lop. LOL. Introducing...

Sonshine's JB aka "Mimic A Stranger"

Thank you Teri R. of Sonshine Rabbitry letting me bring home this little guy! I think of him as my "little buddy". hehe.

I can't wait to get some kits! The anticipation kills me. I think it'll be a nice highlight in my life and revise and give me back my vision. Please Bunny Gods?! :)

Until other ramblings...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fuzzy Lop Nationals 2009

Eeek! I'm so excited. Yesterday I sent off my entry for American Fuzzy Lop Nationals, 2009 in Farmington, Utah! It will be held the 3rd-5th of Arpil. It's going to be sooo much fun! :)

I entered one Fuzzy Lop, as well, I only have one that may look *decent* when the time comes, Twin Elm's Independence Day. I also entered three Jersey Woolies for the All Breed Sunday Show, WWR Alladin, Opal Senior Buck, Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo, Chestnut Senior Buck and WWR Raquel, a Broken Black Senior Doe.

WWR Raquel

Traveling wise looks like we will have to go through Nevada. BORING. But I've never been to Utah, and hope to see something new. I'd love to go to the Salt Flats! It'll all matter what time allows us. I wonder if there are any haunted places? :)

I can't wait to meet some more new people. I especially look forward to the Burbidges who are hosting the show. I've heard too many good things about them!

This is going to be short. It has been a LONG day for me, I'm not feeling too awesome. So I hope everyone else (in California, at least) is enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather, I love Spring!

Speaking of spring, I love the lighting it gives us for photos... they turn out so clear.

Skyview's Brittany

Have a good evening all...
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Finding Out Recessive Genes?

I've wondered quite a bit on ear carriage. I did two Jersey Wooly and American Fuzzy Lop crosses, and all of the kits had ears that went up! (that was 7 kits!) Note: This is just a fun post, I'm not trying to say the following is true or that I am proving anything, because I'm not! LOL. It's pure thoughts!

Now, we know that wool is a recessive trait. This was discovered when Angora was bred into holland lops for better fur. Later along the line, "fuzzies" started popping up. These rabbits were originally sold as pets until Patty Greene-Karl, who founded that the gene was recessive, started breeding them amongst themselves deciding to make them a breed of their own.

I have a AFL/JW cross still, I planned on breeding him into my Jersey Wooly herd. I would love to know if lop ear carriage is recessive. I wish I had kept a doe to breed to him to see if any of the kits would lop, proving the gene is recessive.

I'll probably end up breeding him to a Fuzzy Lop, too. I guess, if I really wanted to study it I'd have to do several combinations.


Capital "R" is for dominant (up-eared rabbit) and lower case "r" is for recessive. The rabbit on top who is "Rr" would be our cross buck, who has upped ears, however is out of a lopped parent. "rr" is our example of an American Fuzzy Lop, obviously, with lopped ears.


Our top parent "RR" would be an up-eared rabbit. And again, our crossed buck "Rr" All babies would have up ears, however, a 50% chance each kit could carry the gene recessive gene.

What I could do, is, breed my buck to a lopped doe, and take an offspring with up-ears and breed it back to the father. Giving each kit a 25% chance of being lopped.


All in all, this is all in my head. :) I might go about seeing if I can "prove" anything, but am unsure of it. I've gotten rabbits with up-eared ears from two "lop" rabbits, and if being so, this would make it all false as you cannot get a dominant out of two recessive.


I've only noticed it in the offspring though from parents with "ear carriage". What could this possibly mean? Maybe is it the other way around? Phenotype or genotype? LOL. Just thought I'd ramble of a little bit that goes through my head some days. Hope ya'll learned how to use the Punnet Square! :)

Here is a picture of the buck. He is very nicely typed, except his ears are just a tad under 3 inches!


Most likely, it is just a polygenic trait. Meaning, they can fall in between being lopped and upped. (best example is the mating of a light-skinned and a dark skinned persons, the offspring having intermediate skin colors) I do have a couple Woolies who have "airplane" ears. They lop strait across like airplane wings, I just assume with the size and shape they can't lop any further. So who knows! :P

I'll stop rambling! Good night everyone!
Susie Cederlof

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updated Website!

It's taken me long enough, I have updated my website completely! *phew* I'm proud of myself for finally getting it done... :)

Next project is to take current pictures of everybody! Any rabbit breeder would understand that this is a process cause of course now that the words come out of my mouth everyone will start molting or loose condition... hehe it's the "murphy's law" of the rabbit world...

The link would be:

Wooly World Rabbitry

Let's talk a little about it... I spent lots of time with the HTML. Several time I was accidentally saving stuff on the WRONG page having to re-do the Juniors page, several times, let me tell you, almost blew a gasket after I did it the third time! LOL.

Our home page is featuring "WWR Kiki" who is a blue doe out of WWR Sleeptalker, who now lives in Oklahoma with Melanie of Lil' Bit Farms and Erb's Ariel who lives with Amy of Amy's Barn Rabbitry. She is unfortunately unshowable but I hope to get some fine youngsters out of her for our 2009 Convention Show String! :)


I made a big list of rabbit shows we plan on attending. A couple I am thinking we will not make it too. A week after the big National show(ARBA Convention) Rita, the secretary for Convention is the secretary of another show a week after! Kudos to her! She is a wonderful secretary and hope to attend that one too, in Stockton. That will be ending our year unless otherwise heard on a Red Bluff show, which I'd love to return too! Good times with friends!

I'm awaiting to add more dates. The Summer Show held in Carol's backyard we will be attending, unsure if there is a date made. I want to also attend Solano County Fair I believe in July in Vallejo, CA. And on top of it all, I'd love to make it to another long distance show, say OR or Central/Southern CA. I'd love to see old friends and make new ones!

Oh, and the nursery page! I've bred a few does! Check it out and see what we may be expecting in the next month... I hope to have some Convention babies... It's been a while since we have had kits! My last litters born were 7 months ago! :(

I must make it clear though, the color combinations for the woolies are not that smart. I did them because Ro Sham Bo is a proven buck(which to me means he gets the job done and has healthy babies) and since the does have been "sitting" I'm depending on him... LOL.

I plan on doing some "tutorials" on things... any recommendations on what I should do? I'll probably do grooming, tattooing, and other fun things. hehe. Crossing fingers to "follow through"... (I'm a busy girl, you know!) :)

WWR Josh, a chestnut senior buck.

By the way, check out my current standings on! For Youth Overall Sweepstakes, I'm #14. For Youth Herdsman of the year, I'm #10! #1 in my district(2), too! Not too bad with limited showing AND only showing a few animals at a time! Woo! I'm quite content. :)

Thanks for reading! Be sure to sign my Guestbook and tell me what you think of my website!
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

Friday, March 6, 2009


Today when checking my mail, the daily featured photo caught my eye... A PIKA! I Pika is a small, hamster like animals who live in cold climates. They are the only known animal related to the lagamorph(rabbit and hare) family! From my understanding this is because they have a pair of gnawing incisors, just like rabbits. (look behind your rabbits top teeth, you'll see a second pair behind them!)

Aren't they just ADORABLE?!

Now... you may be seeing some relation, what does a Pika look like to you?!

And Pikachu Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, your favorite crime-stopping poke'mon, Pikachu!!!

Now, when you really compare them they look nothing like, but still adorable. I don't quite recall the name of the second version of Pikachu, however, I think he looked more like the actual Pika. LOL.

So, here is what inspired me to write this quick post. The website who hols my email account... :P

If you hover your mouse, it'll give you little facts about the cute mammal.

Also Wikipedia:

Until next time...
Susie Cederlof

Monday, March 2, 2009

True Quality- A Desire.

Most of us in the rabbit world have been there. There's no hiding it, there's no denying it... you got off to a bad start. Not necessarily ALL bad, but not the start you realized you should had wished for.

This can be good, and this could be bad. Many exhibitors are not educated enough to know the fundamentals of the show world. Jumping the gun and buying whatever they see is not how a new exhibitor should start, but buy researching and making a decision based on importance. (is a color more important than the true overall quality of the rabbit? You decide.)

With being said, it is not all the buyer's fault. An honest hobby breeder should not only sell the rabbits, but ask questions the buyer may not understand. "Do you want a show, breeding, or pet quality rabbit?" With whatever they may choose, to me, I feel it is my responsibility to compare and contrast the difference. You wouldn't believe how many have said "pet", and later find out they MAY want to show the animal, too! It's no difference when asking a pet buyer, "Do you have a cage, you might want to get a brush, do you have young children?" I want to know if my rabbits are in safe hands.

When selling show animals, honestly is the best policy. I've turned down countless sales because I didn't think my rabbit was worthy enough for a good start or improvement for a better herd. I'm willing to show examples, teach, and convince exhibitors. I'm too willing to help them find that perfect rabbit. (well, in my breed of course. LOL.) Many 4-H groups track me down in hopes of finding that quality animal(not just in my breeds!) because of knowing I will do my best and be honest if that rabbit meets the quality to contend at shows. Of course, I can't guarantee it, but I am sure going to do my best in teaching them along the way of what is right and wrong, and anything in between of quality and improvement.

"4-H Quality" is no different quality than a show rabbit, but if you tell me, "I want a rabbit to show at fair, I DON'T CARE ABOUT TYPE." I won't care about type either! You'll catch me 100% of the time assuring this with you. Of course, I will not sell you a rabbit that is all terrible. I won't sell a rabbit with bad type to affect my name. I'm just saying, there's a high quality and a low quality, breeding and pet qualities in my mind. If you possibly cannot care enough about type and what you want, how can I?

I try my best to not only convince in quality but convince out of it, too. The reason being is I was to find determination and know if this is really what this person wants. I want to know if they are buying a PET what they are setting themselves up for, not for a show contender on the show tables.

There are breeders out there who will sell their culls to unsuspecting new exhibitors. Without knowledge, this could cause future heart break, distrust, and quick sell outs. It's a sad a vicious cycle.

For people building herds, I like to ask what colors they have in their herd. If the have shaded and I sell them a chinchilla, and they get shaded agouti kits who are unshowable, that's not fair. I feel it is somewhat my responsibility to keep track of how I'm going to IMPROVE their herd. I ask what colors they have, backgrounds, and what colors they "aim" for. And of course, again, if you say that you just want the rabbit because of it's color, you can have it! But it's not my decision.

I'm more than happy to evaluate your herd and give you advice or try to help you improve it. I'm not in this hobby for only myself, I'm also in it to help because compassion is in my nature. I'm not scared to loose a sale if it is not going to benefit you.

There are those, like me, that have learned the much much harder way in this hobby. I've been sold rabbits as show quality to be complete crap. I've been toyed around and that is OKAY. I'm okay with it! I'm now a much stronger person and value my own opinion more than any other. I don't mean it in a snooty way, but in a way that I have to trust and value my own opinion. I have to know whats right. I spread my knowledge because I love too. Many take advantage of it, too. Sad, maybe so, but I think it is even more sad for those who abuse little things like that.

Rabbits > Hobby.

My friend Timothy of Tru-Luv Rabbitry recently explored outside of the box and found true quality. I am very happy for him. It is not only a improvement for himself, but of all breeders in Malaysia. This will set a new standard of quality for the improvement of everybody's herds. A better person could not have been given for such fine examples of the breed, I believe he will know what to do.

It's not that he did it for himself. He did it for everybody else too. I honor him for that. Thank you Timothy.

Final advice is to do research and don't be afraid to ask questions! LOL.

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

WWR Zoe, out of one of our first litters. Our first grand champion, and first rabbit to win Best of Breed. Not only that, she was HOMEBRED! :)