Thursday, April 24, 2008

Audrey's Babies!

Here they are: We have two boys and one girl. :)


Audrey is a GREAT mom, not only, its her first time! :D

Wooly World Rabbitry

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brokens and Otters!

Its been a good while since we've had a surviving broken kit here. Well, we have a couple now! Wooligans Party Girl(black otter) was bred to WWR Sleepwalker(brkn. blue) before he left to his new home with Tracy of Franks Family Rabbitry. Party Girl had 5 kits, 3 were DOA. We have two survivors, a broken blue and a broken black otter.

I've got to say, I've got a LOT of otters around here! WWR Audrey(broken black) had a who litter of 3 otters. She was bred to Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo(chestnut). Too funny! (pictures to come.)

We also got 1 blue otter from Ro Sham Bo X Wooligans Skyler(blue). And a black otter from Ro Sham Bo X WWR Pearl(black).

Here is a picture of Party Girl's two brokens, they sure are beauties!


We meet Kaya's mom in a couple hours for her bunnies. Kaya's mom will be flying them back home to Oregon where they live. I really hope you like them! She bought WWR Drunky Brewster(REW) and Dorissa's Mayflower(REW) who is bred to WWR Sleeptalker. I'm exited like Kaya is.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I hope everybody atleast takes a little time to consider our Earth today. We use our Earth everyday, and most of the time, we do not think about it. Today is a day dedicated to the awareness of our Earth.

There are a few things you can do to help out today. Somethings take more time than others, but a little effort is ALWAYS nice. Today I am recycling and re-using things. I've collected bottles and cans and put them in our recycle bin. I wish I didn't have my root canal appointment today, otherwise I'd Get some of the bunny poop and mix it in the soil! I may go by Wal-Mart on the way home and get a small tree to plant.

If you'd like more information about how you can celebrate earth day, you can go here:


I'm currently wearing my, "Everyday is Earth Day!" t-shirt. :)

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Monday, April 21, 2008

American Fuzzy Lop Juniors

Here are a couple pictures of two of my junior fuzzies. I didn't get to the other two as the camera died before I got there.

This is the Blue Tort Buck that I'm going to sell to a girl in 4-H. She's starting out in fuzzies, she wanted a doe, however, I do not have one, but I do like Kismet's Conejita's body, and she has short thick ears, I thought she would be nice bred back to her son, pictured below. So what I'm going to do is give Jita to start them off so they can start breeding now.

Here is their boy! He's really nice and I *should* be keeping him. I don't like his long ears though. Maybe he will grow into them? Both parents have short thick ears and he was the one in the litter with longer ears. Maybe its a fluke. His head is HUGE and he has a short, depthy WIDE body. Nice wool too. He's going to be nice, besides those ears! Argh!




Now, when I say huge head, I obviously really mean it. lol.

This is his sister, WWR Prissy. Well, she gets her name now as when I was taking pictures, she really thinks shes The Queen of the Castle! Shes absolutely CUTE. I like her ears and her wool is more dense, but not as nice of a body as her brother above. She will be staying for now. He has a funky ear because when she was a baby mom accidentally bit the base of the ear. She also has a beautiful head for a doe!


Sorry for the bad side view, she was a fuss and trying to get a picture sucker the batteries dry and it died then.

That's all for now... I got more pictures and some more stuff to share.

Later postings...
Susie :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Taste the Rainbow!

It's been nothing but baby luck here! I just had two more litters born this morning as well as another born the day before.

First, and the most exiting news is, Shakira has had a LIVE litter! Yep, you heard it! These kits are FAT. I'm surprised she passed them well. I'm glad she did though. She had three, I think they are Siamese sables/smoke pearls.

Party Girl also kindled this morning- five kits but 3 DOA. Two broken otters! (1 black, 1 blue) Hopefully everybody has a taste for some Tans in a couple-few months. haha.

The day before (4.12) Blue Belle kindled three- but two are DOA. Looks like a Chestnut is left!

*whew* This is exiting because they are three of my favorite does. Though I have to admit, the excitement is wearing off and going, "What am I going to do with all these babies?!"

Now, its time for another baby count!!! :D
Jersey Woolies:
5 chestnut
4 black otter
3 smoke pearl
2 opal
2 blue
1 blue otter
1 seal
1 sable point
1 black
1 brkn. black otter
1 brkn. blue otter
(mystery) Shakira's babies are still fresh, but I think we have 2 sable and a REW. ;]

Fuzzy Lops:
1 tort.
1 blue tort.
1 blue fox
1 fox

9 standard :P

So many babies my head can spin! We still have 5 due within the next couple weeks!

This little boy looks semi-familiar... anybody know who he looks familiar too?


That's Rock Paper Scissors full brother from another litter! They look so similar, though RPS had a bigger head. He's coming along really cute and don't forget that innocent little face! He loves head rubs and kisses. How cute!

ONE LAST THING-- I completely re-did my whole website! Several pictures added with updates. I'm really proud of it. Please check it out at:

I'd LOVE a guestbook signing! Be sure to put a website so I can return the favor. :]

I think that is all I have to say for now, I'm saving some pictures for a blog hopefully tomorrow.

Wooly World Rabbitry

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Max Factors and Baby Pictures

Again?! Max Factors are one thing I'd love to stay away from. I come home after seeing my Endodontist, Ariel has kindled 5. The first I grab has a hole in its back, and still alive. I think Ariel may have bitten it when she kindled. The second and third, were funny colored. I go to grab four, and YUCK. This one is different. It has its brain exposed. Not only that, this kit was odd all over. I took a video of it, talking about its defects. Please, if you have a weak stomach, I do not reccomend watching the video. Excuse my voice, I sound immature but the camera always seems to make me sound that way. =P

But the bright side is, I finally have some live kits out of Ariel! Yay! These are four generation to dad's side(Sleeptalker).

I also took some pictures of my rabbits today. It was a hassel to get a memory card(lets not talk about it) but I'm glad I took some today. Here they are:

WWR Honeybee- Looking GOOD! Can't wait to show her! =]

Honeybee thinks she's a Pancake. I think I may call her "Honeybee Pancake" She's like the tossing dough in the pizarria when it hits the table. haha.

WWR (no name) A seal doe. Like like, another one I'll be showing for a while!

Her again, her head is litterally the same size as her body. =P


This REW buck SCREAMS short.

Not the best picture of my baby WWR Hawt Dayum. Potential all over.

She has such a WIDE chest.

This is our Blue Tort baby buck, who is turning out REALLY NICE!

He has one of the biggest heads I've seen on a baby fuzzy lop...

One more of his body view... He did not like this idea. lol.

This is his sister, who I call "Lurkerz" and "As If!" look at that ear!

Their other two siblings, brkn. blue fox buck and brkn. fox doe(WWR Snuggles).

Ro X Skyler kits! Chestnut, Blue Otter, Opal. The Chestnut looks a lot like Rock Paper Scissors(RIP).

That is IT for now. ;] I didn't mean to put this many pics in a blog, I can't restrict all the cuteness though! =P

I hope everyone is having successful litters on end! =D

Wooly World Rabbitry

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

AFL and JW For Sale

This is what I currently have available.

American Fuzzy Lop
WWR Keasby Nights- Fawn Senior Buck- Overall a nice buck! I'd like to see more legth to coat.
Parents: WWR Talladega(Tort- 2 Legs) X FH's Luvlee(Chestnut)
Mainly WWR, PFF's, AK's, and Brian's lines.

WWR Handshakes- Blue Fox Junior Buck- I really do love this buck's type. Ears are still relaxing, little flat over body but short. Very small guy.
Parents: Lucky Lop's Addison(Brkn. Blue Fox) X WWR Carley(Orange- 1 Leg)
Lines consist: WWR, PFF's, AK's, FH's, Brian's, Campo, and Belokonny. Dad is a Fuzzy Holland.

Jersey Wooly
WWR Hanna Beth- Black Pointed White Young Senior Doe- I like her. Head is a little broody. Short, wide compact body. Nice wool coming along the sides.
Parents: Erb's Boulder(Blue, REG. G.C. 15 Legs) X WWR/Dorissa's Kipsie(Lilac Pointed White)
Lines mainly consist: WWR, Erb's, Leapin'.

PLUS: Several Babies!!!
In the Wooly department:
Chestnut(4), Opal(2), Seal, Sable Point, Otter(1 Black, 1 Blue), Black, Smoke Pearl(2), Blue, REW... 4 more does started nesting today! Serious inquiries only, I do have lots of these babies with inquiries on them. ;]

Fuzzy section:
1 Brkn. Fox doe and 1 Brkn. Blue Fox buck. VERY cute and wonderful personalities. Would make great pets or even good for a breeding program!

I'll be making a herd cut soon, stay tuned!

Also, I bred two Californians for Meat Pens for Solano County Fair in July. ;]

I think that is it for now... I have to have surgery for a root canal tomorrow. As for pictures, my memory card went magically missing! So when it magically(!) comes back, I'll have to take picture of our babies!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Rabbit Hypnosis

Rarely do I do 'Rabbit Hypnosis'. Not enough time, don't think of it, fussy rabbit etc... its just not worth the little time you invest into hypnotizing your rabbit. However, WWR Shakes has the CUTEST underside and I find myself constantly flipping him over, I decided today with bordom I will 'hypnotize' him.

Hypnos is greeks for sleep. Hypnosis is inducing sleep. In rabbits, a natural compfortable postition is laying on their back, as when kits this is how they nurse. Some rabbit do not like being flipped over, I'm not exactly sure on this but sometimes the noise, srrounding, pulling of the ears/scruff is scary which resists them from flipping over. While on its back, you can take your fore finger and rub it up and down its back to 'hypnotize' it. When your rabbit feels rested, slowly take your hand and pull away while still rubbing the belly. When your hand is removed, you can stop the rubbing of the belly and hopefully you've gone the trick. A rabbit can lay there for a little while. You can also snap your fingers and the rabbit will wake up.

Shakes took a while to do this, he doesn't mind being flipped over but was frightened to be let go. Finally, I got him to stay. His eyes were rolled back into his head, so I did a pretty good job! LOL.


Blue Rain gave birth to 3 healthy kits, 1 blue, 2 smoke pearl on 4.5.08 sired by Hare's Mystic!


Friday, April 4, 2008

So many babies!

It seems like I just can't get off this 'baby topic'. Well, the problem is, its just the highlight of everything! Theres not much other than to talk about babies! =P

I went out today and took pictures of all the babies. Audrey also had 3 fat healthy kits this morning, I've very proud of her because 1) shes a first time mom 2) shes spoiled and 3) she doesn't like anything in or near her cage. I'm glad shes being a good mama right now. =] She had 3 otters/chestnuts.

On to the pictures!

These are Angel X Ro Sham Bo kits. I have 2 chestnuts and I think a squirrel. Maybe a opal. We'll see. =]

Pearl X Ro Sham Bo. We have a black otter and a chestnut!

Cleo X Sleepwalker = 1 black kit. This is our fourth generation!

Audrey X Ro Sham Bo. 3 black otter/chestnut. Ro Sham Bo has been getting the ladies... Again, fourth generation kits, we've filled a pedigree! =]

I took these pictures while I was comming back inside, so cute!

Opal Doe peeking over the box.

Opal Doe and Chestnut Buck give eachother a kiss. Awe!

I pulled Shakira out today to see if she took, let me make this clear. SHE TOOK. She has such a big tummy. She was extreamly heavy too. Yeesh, I really hope these arn't fetal giants. Maybe just a litter of 4? =O

The very preggo Shakira.

Her bulged belly.

She is due the 12th.

Abby and Blue Rain started nesting who are next on my list. Abby due tomorrow, Blue Rain due the 7th. Again, everyone appears to have taken... This will be a first if so!

Also, any good tips on how to teach your bunny to stop begging? ;]


Susie =]

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dixon May Fair

Oh my, Dixon May Fair is getting so close... In four weeks I will once again be having the best week of my life like the previous years. I belive it gets more fun each year as I get older... More self esteem, more knowledge, more brave...

This will be my fifth year showing at Dixon May Fair. My second year contending as a Senior. Last year I was Champion Senior Showman, and the year before I was Champion Junior Showman along with Champion in Small Animal Supreme Showmanship!

This year I only entered 3 rabbits along with my two meat pens. I entered Hot Dayum, Highfives, and Mew. Wish me luck!

Here is a picture of Mayflowers babies in the box looking out. They love attension. =P


And here is Hot Dayum, aka Stumpy Stump Stumperson!

And last but not least, my neice Lily. She is 3 months old. What a CUTIE!
What a ham! =P

I'm waiting for Audrey to have babies soon...
Wooly World Rabbitry

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Convention Breedings, Does due and babie updates!

Hello everyone!

I've been quite busy busy busy for the last few days. Today was extreamly busy, out of town, fair entries, company and of course the rabbits.

I want to say I've done my first pair of convention breedings. I don't have much to breed so theres not too much excitement. But these will be for convention juniors!

REG. WWR Sisily w/ 2 Legs X Hare's Mystic w/ 11 Legs
REG. G.C. WWR Zoe w/ 4 Legs X REG. G.C. Wooligans Hamlet w/ 9 Legs

Sisily, is my pointed white doe who is probably by far my favorite doe I've ever produced. Right now, she has the most beautiful coat on. So much texture, density and length to it. Not to mention the life and how beautifully it rolls back. I bred her to Hare's Mystic, as they have some decently familiar lines and would put a bit of a bigger head on her. Hopefully, I'll get what I'm working for.

I'm extreamly low on Wooly bucks right now. I have 4 working bucks. Thats all. Its so difficult and tricky to work with what I need. =[ Mostly color wise.

You question probably is, why don't you have several does to breed to? You want to se something kinda neat? ;] *WARNING* The typings below are a mess!

3.2 - WWR Audrey X REG. Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo w/ 3 legs
3.4 - REG. WWR Abby w/ 2 legs X REG. WWR Sleeptalker w/ 1 BOB Leg
3.6 - Cedar Ridge's Blue Rain X Hare's Mystic w/ 11 Legs
3.10 - REG. G.C. Erb's Ariel w/ 5 legs X REG. WWR Sleeptalker w/ 1 BOB Leg
3.12 - REG. WO's Blue Belle w/ 3 Legs X Wooligans/WWR Ro w/ 3 Legs
3.12 - REG. G.C. Wooligans Party Girl w/ 7 Legs X WWR SleepWalker
3.12 - REG. LeSage's Shakira w/ 12 Legs X Hare's Mystic w/ 11 Legs
3.18 - WWR Carley w/ 1 Leg X Kismet's Mr. Feeny
3.22 - Kismet's Sia w/ 1 Legs X Hobb's Grant(owned by Starlite Rabbitry- thanks Katie!)
3.22 - Hobb's Meena w/ 5 Legs X Sky High Walker(owned by Starlite Rabbitry- thanks AGAIN Katie! =D )

Several several babies are due! Be sure to let me know if you want a upcomming kit... I can try my best and work things out with colors, sexes, pairs, shipping, and discounts!

This is my list of what is accually here now-
9 Standard Californian babies
13 Jersey Wooly Babies
• 1 Smoke Pearl Doe
• 1 Seal Doe
• 1 REW Buck
• 1 Sable Point Doe
• 1 Blue Otter Doe(?)
• 1 Opal Doe
• 5 Chestnuts (ones a buck so far)
• 1 Squirrel
• 1 Black
4 American Fuzzy Lop Babies
• 2 Blue Tort (1 buck, 1 doe)
• 1 Brkn. Fox Doe
• 1 Brkn. Blue Fox Buck

Wowza. Thats a mouthful. =P

Also, I have 1 Ptd. White Jersey Wooly young Senior Doe for sale. Price reduced to $30. This is WWR Hanna Beth, the last Boulder baby. =[ If not sold soon, I may just breed her.

I think that is all for tonight. Let me know if you'd be interested in anything. I'm willing to help to the best of my ability. =] Email:

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry