Thursday, August 7, 2008

Broken Chin Wooly!

It's everything exciting to see the little broken Jersey Wooly kit in our nestboxes to be a broken Chinchilla. Its been my moms and mines dream color, it just sounds so pretty, and it is, REAL pretty. :) There is another kit who I think is a broken squirrel, sweet, I'm happy to see the Chins have made their place back at Wooly World Rabbitry! :)

Here is a picture of the Rainbow Resort's Angel X Wooligan's Hamlet kits.
Sleeping so cozy.

Just the broken chinchilla. :)

Babies haven't stopped flowing until now. I have lots of them, Jersey Woolies, Fuzzy Lops, and crosses between the two. Still, does are popping out babies until I finally came to the sense to STOP BREEDING THEM. It's hard cause LeSage's Shakira, Wooligan's Kitty, Wooligan's Charmin, and WWR Audrey all need to be rebred about now.

More pictures:
Kismet's Sia babies! We have a tort and I believe two broken cream/blue tort otters, maybe even orange. :P

LeSage's Cracker Jack X Wooligan's Skyler babies.

LeSage's Cracker Jack X WWR Pearl babies. Now. Who does that little broken black remind you of?! Yes, I'm attached to her too. *rolls eyes*

Last but most surely not least, Thumperhill's Ammadon X WWR Sisily kits. I have to say, these are the prettiest Jersey Wooly kits EVER. Nice big mug like heads and teeny tiny ears. This is a bad picture, they are absolutely beautiful babies in every which way.

Thats it for now, sorry I missed out of some babies! :(

Wooly World Rabbitry


4 Kings Rabbitry said...

Wow! Congrats on your broken chin baby!! Your other babies are gorgeous too. I hope you can post more pics of the chin baby as he/she grows.;-)

Briana Brown said...

Yeah, I am jealous. lol no fair! I want a broken chinchilla!!!!