Monday, March 3, 2008

Rabbits For Sale

Every show I attend I have 3-5 people asking if I have woolies available. I do, accually, but however I don't bring them to the shows. If your one of those people, heres a perfect opperitunity to get some nice buns! I'm selling these guys do to myself getting sicknesses from stress. I have a herd of 50 or so buns and I think that may be a little too much. So I've made a sales list of buns I really don't want to sell but can let go from having sons/daughters, cousins, aunts/uncles, parents, whatever the reason is. I also have a couple I don't have anything related to them and I wanted to bring their type/line into my herd. However, this would take a couple generations so I can get the line going for consistancy. I don't have any time for that or patience at the moment. I need to cut down as soon as possible.

Here is a list of what is available at the moment. I have several does due soon and some babies born already. Let me know if you'd be interested in those. =]

WWR Sleepwalker- Brkn. Blue Senior Buck
(LeSage's Charlie X Wooligans Skyler- REG, 2 Legs, 1 BIS)
He was 1.14 lbs last time I weighed him, small, BEAUTIFUL headset and HQ. Has awesome babies.

WWR Sir Mix A Lot- Siamese Sable Senior Buck
(WWR Pee Wee- REG. G.C. X Wooligans Party Girl- REG. G.C. 7 Legs)
He has a awesome head set and bone. Awesome depth which makes him fail in width. I have babies from him now. He does NOT like to be messed with.

WWR Bear- Seal Junior Buck (PET)
He's pet typed. Super cute and likes to be held. =]

WWR Dignity- Chestnut Senior Doe (PET)
She has butting teeth. Probably my favorite rabbit I ever produced. Shes very special. She has a story to her. Super sweet and loving. Its devistating about her teeth she has absolutely beautiful type. =[

WWR Handshakes- Blue Fox Junior Buck
(Lucky Lop's Addison X WWR Carley- 1-2 Legs)
He is cute wonderful head and ear shape. Little bit of ear carrige but neither parents has it. Nice type and wool. Unshowable color. Could help in otter program.

WWR Keasby Nights- Fawn Senior Buck
(WWR Talladega Night- 2 Legs X FH's Luvlee)
He's very cute and has very nice type!

These guys are not currently available, but if seriously interested please contact me.
WWR Drunky Brewster- REW Junior Buck
(Wooligans Hamlet- REG G.C. 11 Legs X Wooligans Cleo- 5-6 Legs)

WWR Jinenji- Black Junior Buck
(Wooligans Hamlet- REG. G.C. 11 Legs X WWR Pearl- REG Pend. 3 Legs)

WWR Hanna Beth- Blue Pointed White Junior Doe
(Erb's Boulder- REG. G.C. 15 Legs X WWR/Dorissa's Kipsie)

Thats all for now. Today is a beautiful day. I might go out and take some photos of the buns. Our peach/apricot tree is currently in bloom. Its absolutely lovely.



Have a nice day. =]
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