Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rabbits Available For Sale

I'm really trying to cut down. I went through the herd and am deciding who is going to go now, and who will be staying. I have a handful of babies too, variety of colors, fuzzies and woolies. Not sure what I'm keeping if I'm keeping any. I really hate to let them go, but at the moment I need to cut down. I recently got my blood results in and I have Iron Def. Anemia, so sometimes taking care of as many bunnies as I have now is very exausting and starts loosing my intrest in my hobby. Everything is priced to go... please email me at lbbbrabbitry@yahoo.com

Jersey Woolies:

WWR Sleeptalker- Broken Blue Senior Buck(less than 10% coloring)
Sire: LeSage's Charlie- Brkn. Smoke Pearl
Dam: REG. Wooligans Skyler- Blue w/ 2 legs, 1 BIS at fair.
Super cute and small. Wonderful head set and woolcap. Small body, maybe a tad long. He's a little bit of a table hugger. Thin in bone.

WWR Drunky Brewster- REW Junior Buck
Sire: REG. G.C. Wooligans Hamlet- Brkn. Blk Otter w/ 9 legs.
Dam: Wooligans Cleopatra- Opal w/ 5-6 legs.
He's very cute, has a little bit of a 'controlling' additude(he's pushy). Short, lots of depth, full hindquarter to the table. Lovely head set, short open ear.

WWR Hanna Beth- Black Pointed White Junior Doe
Sire: Reg. G.C. Erb's Boulder- Blue w/ 15 legs
Dam: WWR/Dorissa's Kipsie- Lilac Ptd. White
She's also known as "The Last Boulder Baby". She's cute, has a head on the feminine side, but it isn't bad. Short ears, nice shoulder, *tad* catchy in her hip but it doesn't pinch, its also full to the table. Pretty coat coming in! I need a new picture of her.

WWR Jinenji- Black Junior Buck
Sire: Reg. G.C. Wooligans Hamlet- Brkn. Black Otter w/ 9 legs.
Dam: Reg. G.C. Pend.. WWR Pearl- Black w/ 3 legs.
He's a nice buck, great head and ears. Good shoulder, nice hindquarter. Currently a little out of condition. Selling at brood price due to white hairs seen under arm pits as a baby. They haven't come back yet though.

REG WWR Sir Mix A Lot- Siamese Sable Senior Buck
Sire: Reg. G.C. WWR Pee Wee- black otter
Dam: Reg. G.C. Wooligans Party Girl- black otter w/ 7 legs
He has a AWESOME head set. Nice bone. Lots of depth, super short. With that said, he needs some width to body. Nice coat. Beautiful sable coloring...

American Fuzzy Lops:

WWR Handshakes- Blue Fox Junior Buck
Sire: Lucky Lop's Addison- Brkn. Blue Fox
Dam: WWR Carley- Orange w/ 1-2 legs.
He's very cute. Big head(very filled cheeks), short round ears. Tight in the crown, but they rest nicely when put down. Nice short, round body. Would work great in a otter program. Can sell as pet w/o pedigree $20 (unshowable color)

(No picture available)
WWR Dale Jarret- Tort Senior Buck
He's more of pet quality, has a good personality with a super cute head set.

WWR Little Bear- Seal Junior Buck
He's cute and sweet, but doesn't have a body.

WWR Dignity- Chestnut Senior Doe (about 2 years old)
She is super cute, very sweet, wonderful personality. Its a shame she has amazing type. But she has butting teeth that need to be clipped every now and then... I'll hate to see her go. =[

I have a handful of babies. This is what I have:
Jersey Wooly: Smoke Pearl, Seal, REW, Blue Creme, Chestnut, Opal, Blue Otter or Martin.

American Fuzzy Lop: Blue Tort, Brkn. Fawn, Brkn. Fox.

Email me at lbbbrabbitry@yahoo.com if intrest in anything. I can send more pictures if wanted, information and prices. Again, cheap prices. I need to move them soon. Can bring to Stockton Mar. 30th.

Susie Cederlof

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