Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Cute Stage *Warning* Lots of pics!

Babies are growing, and by that means, we've reached "the cute stage" when the babie bunnies usually start flowing out of boxes, showing true colors and personalities. Here, we have nine californians, seven woolies, and four fuzzies.

Here are the californians. He have 7 of them on "real" mom who is our Cal. Millie. Millie is a wonderful mother. However, the day her kits were born Kitty lost her litter. Some does I can see if they have depression to loss, and Kitty was one of them. I took 2 of Millie's kits in hope she'd accept them, I think she was more than happy to care for them.

Millie with her kits.

Millie being silly trying to fit in her box.

Kitty and her two foster kits.

The funny thing I notice about Kittys kits are they are a tad smaller, and have shorter ears and broder faces, charecteristics of Jersey Woolies. I'm honestly not sure what it up with them. Maybe next time I'll give one to a Fuzzy, a Wooly, and keep the others on mama and see what happens. Its a little strange. So, I'm attached to Kitty's kits cause I think they are "cuter". =P

Now, we don't have to pretend these kits are Jersey Woolies, these are Jersey Woolies! I've had some very nice litters in the past, but these babies are really catching my eye at four weeks old. Not only color wise, but these babies are short, stalky, with beautiful heads, ears, and ear placement. Something I look at go, "Now this is what I work for." I can't wait for them to grow up some more so I can feel them. Not to mention, these babies are natural posers and have wonderful personalities, loving to be held and pet.

Smoke Pearl, REW, Sable Point, and Seal, I think all does!

The Smoke, the REW, and the Seal are all WWR Sir Mix A Lot X Dorissa's Mayflower babies. The Sable Point is the foster of Wooligan's Moe(Sold to Tracy F.) and Carey's Pia(R.I.P. =[ )

My favorite of all has to be this Smoke Pearl Doe, I'm thinking of names but one isn't just 'comming'. As for now, I call her "Stump/Stumpy" Because she has these nice short thick legs with good chest width. Tooks like stumps to me! I have SEVERAL pictures of her but don't want to 'clog' my blog to much, hey that rymes. ;]

98% of the time, she sits like this in the nest box or cage.

Theres a reason why we call her Stumpy.

These are her two siblings, who have huge heads. These two, accually, have the same head size to body size. Almost like freaks. Poor things, they still are cute!

Big head REW.

Big head seal.

Here is their pal who was fostered to their litter. This is the Sable Point who I think I'm going to name Honeybee. If its a girl. =P ADORABLE little baby. =P

Sable point, "Honeybee" (?)

You have to admit, thats one of the sweetest faces you've ever seen. =P

Who prefers American Fuzzy Lops...? Well, you got it! These babies are Lucky Lop's Addison X Kismet's Conejita litter. I think these two parents matched would make a beautiful litter, looks like, these guys are really looking cute! Though of course, my favorite one is the one with the torn ear. I may keep her breeding.

Brkn. Fox Doe, Blue Tort Doe, Blue tort Buck, Creme/Blue Fox(?) Buck.

And a video, of them, being "hyper" before I took the picture. =P

And last but not last, Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo X Wooligans Skyler. We have a gorgeous blue otter, a chestnut and a opal. These guys were born the same day as the fuzzy lops.


I have three does due today, 2 woolies, 1 fuzzy. Wish me luck! =]

P.S. Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Have a great spring...

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