Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little More than a Average Day

Why I say this is, a couple extra things happened today than a normal day for us.

First, I started my class today. I had to bring home 16 books, man, was that heavy! Things are looking up for me... and I'm feeling a lot better. Its been about 2 weeks or so since I was last sick. Goal! Though, I do have some stomach aches everyonce in a while.

Came home and checked on all my babies... everyone looks good! We have some very colorful babies in the box... I'm exited for them to grow up and see what they look like. The two californian babies fostered to Kitty have gotton points, strangely, the other 7 haven't. I'm patient enough to wait. The Seal and Smoke Pearl from Mayflowers litter are HUGE. I hope they don't go broody. Jita didn't feed her babies or something this morning to I had to pull her out and give her some oats to stay calm and still. The babies got fed, still not sure on colors. 2 solids, 2 brokens. One of the solids got its ear bitten, and looks to be healing somewhat successfully back to the base of the head.

I took a few pictures of Drunky as I wanted to post them with pictures I recently took of Mew. Both are slowly growing and getting better each time I look them over. However, I still can't get over their "narrow" shoulders. Honestly, I'm not sure where thats popping up. Hamlet's shoulders are a *tad* narrow but not as exageratted as these babies shoulders are... I'm going to continue to grow them and see if their shoulders ever improve. Darn. Here's a couple of pics...

WWR Drunky Brewster- REW Junior Buck

WWR Mew- REW Junior Buck

As I was finnishing that up, my brother, Morgan, and my Neice Lily come over! It's been a while since I've seen her... now that I don't have a cold of any sort, I can see her again. She was dressed really cute and today I was forced to hold her. I've never really held babies exept when forced to. She was good and wasn't fussy. She is VERY cute, and her hair is getting lighter like mommy and daddys. =P

Myself(Susie) and my neice Lily.

My mom, Jackie holding her granddaughter Lily.

We both look a little tacky considering mom's doing house work and I'm playing with bunnies. LOL. But, thats fine. =P Lily's three months and getting bigger by the day. Here is Lilly getting ready to leave.


I love that little girl. =]

One last thing, Abby has been doing very well on the show tables. I took a picture with her awards from the last two shows. She has gotton 3 BOB and a BOG on the other show. (four total A&B x 2 = 4 lol.) Anywho, I took a picture of her and her rosettes and metal. She was fussy however, but this is the best picture I got.

WWR Abbygail- REW Senior Doe

She has enough legs to grand her now. I just need to send her legs in to ARBA.

Have a nice day everyone!
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