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A Lot of Firsts

Let's chat a little about March 8, 2008.

March 8, 2008.
This morning, I wake up at 4:45am to get ready for the Rohnert Park show. First, I go out to the rabbit barn and turn on the light and check on Shakira and Party Girl. Shakira is nesting for a litter. This is a first. Her last two litters she doesn't pull or nest, just has a single peanut in a box with just pine shavings as she had eaten up the hay before I had time to give her more.

Shakira is preparing for a litter. 4:50am.

We take four rabbits, 3 woolies and a fuzzy to Rohnert Park. On the way, we pick up Chelsea, a member of our 4-H rabbit group. This is Chelsea's first rabbit show. She was very exited to go. I was too five years ago, when March Hare Youth Show was my first show. =P Brianna attends the show with us also.

Chelsea with her Havana doe, ejoying her first rabbit show.

We arrive and I realize, this is the first year of the March Hare Youth Show being a Double Youth. I'd much rather go to a double show over a single show any day. Fuzzy Lops are up and I put Hobb's Katie up for her very first show. Katie got wonderful comments, however couldn't beat the Senior Does. Looks like Katie want's to fly away out of her coop in these photos:

Katie is on the show table for her first time.

Katie recieves 1/1 both shows and I belive 3/4 in wool both shows. As for the woolies, Abby got Breed and Ammadon Opposite both shows. WWR Abby was entered for the Breeders Class. She was honorable mention as well as three other bunnies. Abby is a really pretty doe. Most of the show I got to sit down and relax, first time this year I accually did it. It was a stress-free show. I enjoy sitting down with friends. =]

Bri, Jenny, and Chelsea chatting and I am behind the camera.

We left about 5:00pm or so, made it home around 6:30pm. I go out, check on Shakira, nothing yet... so I get on the computer and check my mail. A little while later, I go out to feed. I look up and I just see Shakira with a placenta hanging out of her mouth. Yuck. I finnish feeding and check back on her. Shakira had two BIG babies. Might be fetal giants. Darn! We're getting close... Maybe some live healthy babies next time??? I'm happy she passed them so easily.

So, I check on all the other babies before I go to bed. I check Skylers, Mayflowers, Millies, and the fostered babies to Kitty. Then, I check Conejitas. I see a baby in the front, so I pull her box out, look closer. A devoured kit. Not only, the kit has been decappitated. I have my mom pull it out and I'm fine. My mom and I were talking about it and I looked at the remains a little closer, I see a black dot, and carefully take some shavings of it and I'm shunned. I saw a big black spot. Like a bulgy eye. I'm freakishly creeped out. Told my mom not to look at it. But she did. I asked whats wrong and her response was, "Its eyes are open." Me being me, as much as I didn't want to I have to take another look at the head. Its part of experiences. So, I do, and I'm pretty "scarred" by this... I'll admit, it's one of the most abnormal things I've seen. I'm still wigged. Almost scared to go look in Conejitas box again. I've seen much more "discusting" things but this tops it. This is my first "max factor" kit. I've known about the gene, but I still go on Rabbit Habit forums and ask why this is. Looks like Max traces back to Conejita and Addison somewhere long long long along the line.

Well, yesterday is over. Yesterday was full of new things. Good and Bad. We have tons of babies right now. Heres a list:

Millie X Arnold - 9 standard Cals. 2 fostered to Kitty.
Mayflower X Sirmix - 3 babies, 1 seal, 1 smoke pear, 1 REW.
Pia X Moe - 1 baby fostered to Flower, blue creme?
Skyler X Ro - 3 kits(1 peanut) 2 chestnuts, 1 opal?
Addison X Conejita - 4 healthy kits, 2 solid, 2 broken.

Does with unsurviving litters:
Kitty X Sleeptalker - 2 DOA.
Shakira X Mystic - 2 DOA, fetal giants?
Party Girl X Sleeptalker - 1 DOA peanut.

However, I just bred a lot of does. To the few who missed and the few who didn't have lasting litters, will be re-bred soon.

Bred Feb. 25th, 2008.
Addison X Luvlee
Sleeptalker X Cleo
Ro Sham Bo X Pearl

Bred March 2nd, 2008.
Ro Sham Bo X Audrey

Bred March 4th, 2008.
Sleeptalker X Abby

Bred March 6th, 2008.
Mystic X Blue Rain

That is it for now. I'll get some babie pictures up soon! =P I took some, I need to upload them. ;]

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