Thursday, March 27, 2008

EXITING news- Convention, Sweeps, and Spring Litters!

Well, this is the 'exiting' news I've been meaning to post for a while now... sorry for the wait. The news is... I will be attending the 2008 ARBA Convention in Louisville, KY! How awesome is that? First I want to thank my parents for okaying it and getting my ticket. Second I want want to thank my friends for encouraging it as still a possibility, and third I want to thank EVERYONE who has ordered graphics from me. I enjoyed creating them. =]

From what it looks like, I won't be taking much. Probably anything I'm taking will be sold... If I do take any, I have a few friends who have been on my waiting list for a well while. If you are interested in some stock from me, please do let me know! You can email me at Let me know what you are looking for and interested in.

And, anything that is going to convention will be awesome stock. Why so? Because I really do want to show them and promote my line. I'm a very honest person and will try and work out requests. My prices are generally: breeding- $40+ and show- $50+

Exiting! Exiting! I know. Hopefully I'll find some carrier space somewhere! If it comes down to having to buy individual holes off somebody, it will be the buyers responsibility to pay that carrier spot price in full.

On other exiting news, I got out Fluff of the Fancy yesterday and I'm currently #13 sweepstakes points, #1 district 2 points, and #6 youth herdsman! Cool!

Lets TRIPLE the exiting news! haha. We just had new litters born within the last hour. Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo(Reg. 3 Legs) X WWR Pearl(Reg. 3 Legs) kindled 3 kits. 2 are healthy and 1 is a peanut. Lucky Lop's Addison X FH's Luvlee kindled 4, but sadly, 3 look like they may be peanuts. =[ We'll see what happens. We are patiently waiting on Cleo.

Yesterday was my mom's Birthday, well, she loved one of her birthday gifts! Rainbow Resort's Angel kindled 5 kids, 4 healthy and 1 peanut yesterday. Looks like chins and squirrels? They were sired by Ro Sham Bo. Ro has been doing a great job with getting those does to conceive! =P

Hope everyone is getting lovely spring litters. And I also look forward to seeing you all in KY! =D


P.S. I think I will be posting more pictures tomorrow! =D
P.S.S. I updated my site! Please check out the very nice stock we have available now. =] Thanks!

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