Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A little bit of luck!

Looks like many of us have been getting litters in this new month of March. I'm one of them. =P The last two go-rounds were unsuccessful. I was breeding about 10 does at a time, I'd say the last 20 breedings did not catch(within 2 rounds, 10 does each round). I was surprized! My two Cal does managed to take, but we lost all the babies but four in Vanillas because we are not bottle feeding them. Well, I was pretty desperate for babies. =P So, I bred 14 does within about 6 days. Only 3 misses so far! 4 litters born, only one doe lost hers.

So, heres a updated list of whats going down:
Arnold X Mille = 9 babies born, Feb. 28, 2008 (Californians)

Reg. WWR Sir Mixit(s. sable) X Dorissa's Mayflower(REW, 2 Legs) = 3 healthy, 1 DOA babies born, Mar. 1st 2008 (Jersey Woolies)
I have a pink, a blue, and a smoke pearl.

Wooligans Moe(sable point) X Careys Pia(chocolate tort) = 1 healthy, 1 featal giant born, Mar. 5th 2008 (Jersey Woolies)

The othr does who are nesting are, Wooligans Party Girl, Wooligans Skyler, LeSage's Shakira and Kismet's Conejita. Cross your fingers!

This is for those who have not seen a Fetal Giant. Picture is slightly graphic.

Fetal Giants are about 2-3x larger than a normal kit. If this case this baby was 2x bigger than its littermate. In the picture it is shown next to a quarter.


By the mouth you can see a dark purple spot. Thats the toungue. From what I've heard this is due to suffocation in the birth canal, basically saying that the doe had problems getting the kit out in time for its first breath, therefore some sort of drowning.

I've had Fetal Giants bigger than this one, but I have to say out of some of the fetal giants I've had this one is pretty big, not to mention the doe probably weighs in a little more than 2 lbs and no more than 2.5 lbs.

On the bright side, heres the fotunate kit. Fat and healthy. =]


Good luck to everyone else with babies due! =P
Wooly World Rabbitry

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M an' M Rabbitry said...

Hey Susie, Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way...Also When I first looked at the picture of the fetal giant kit. I wasn't surprised until you said that the coin next to it was a quarter. OMG I thought it was a penny. Dang that kit must have been big...I have never had a super big giant kit before, just some large kits that couldn't make it out of the birth canal. Anyways, very interesting...

Wishing you plenty of babies to fill all of your nestboxes.