Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Misc. Rabbit Pics

Here are a few rabbit pictures I've taken today. =P

Here is WWR Abbygail- REW Senior Doe with 2 Legs. She's also Registered. I love her position. She's beautiful.

Then Wooligans Hamlet- Black Otter Senior Buck with 11 Legs. Registered Grand Champion. He's being a ham as always and wanting some head scratches.

Somebody got a new hair style today... and its too good of a job for myself to be the stylist! Carey's Pia pulled a bunch of wool and gave her self a mohawk. Last time I checked the poor thing was doing "touch ups". Then she started shivering. Poor little girl!

Mayflower's babies are a few days old now and showing colors. Looks like I have a pink, a blue, and a smoke pearl. =P

All I have to report today! The other Cal babies are doing great. I fostered a couple off to Kitty who lost her litter. =[

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

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