Monday, March 30, 2009

Road to recovery...

It's been a good few days here at home and work. I feel our spirits arise for the health of Rabbajoe, as we see improvement increase.

Saturday morning I took him to work with me, he did much sleeping as we could see he needed it, his eyes get extremely blood shot when he is tired. It was a busy day, but he was crashed most of the time.


Since Saturday is where I saw *improvement* the kind I am proud to talk about. He was alert and attentive, and even moved around the lawn a little bit to check it out. I'm so happy to see him a little bit brighter.

At work in the chair we brought out from the break room that he sleep in all day, he's quite spoiled... :P

Poncho excited to see his friend when we got home from the long day, and still, Rabb is tired out.

Today, he has been most himself since this all happened! He ran around, jumping up on me, came to my call. I'm so happy to see how well he is doing!!! We are all very happy. He is not out of the woods, so I won't get my hopes up... I thank you all for your support, thoughts, and prayers. I really do think you all have made a difference in our little guys life! Positivity will never let you down!

I'm going to try and fit one more blog post before Thursday/Friday when Katie and I trek to Utah! I have pictures to share! :)

Take care!
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Good to hear Rabb's back up on his feet again.

Have a nice trek!