Friday, March 27, 2009

One Thing After Another

Breaks our hearts... Rabb has been continuing to get better, slowly, day by day. We see much improvement between activity and appetite. But today, when mom brought him to work at 12:00noon(I had to work from 8:30am-6:00pm) I noticed something wrong with him when Mandy picked him up, his face was swollen. I showed Mandy and my mom, where we assumed it was probably a tooth.

So we checked it and man, was he NOT HAPPY. For those chihuahaua owners, I'm sure you understand what babies they are... but it got more and more puffy from a couple hours of watch. We sedated him and Doc checked his gums and tooth, it was more of his lip, and we really aren't sure what is wrong.

Our sedated little guy with a big puffy cheek/eye.

We switched to Phenobarbital in oral liquid, which he has been on injectible phenobarb. We're going to do injections again, go back to oral liquid, and see if it happens again... this who ordeal is one huge learning experience. We saw no improvement on the oral tablets, he had a bad case of paranoia, none of us were getting any sleep.

We see lots of improvement, but gosh, is it hard seeing him get tired. :( I dunno what is right or wrong... we as a family decided amongst the quality of life, but we know it is not yet time, and when it is we will know... I'm just hoping he'll hold out, I want to see his perky happy self again. With everything going on around me, I'm trying to keep my head up.

Later tonight at the Clinic.

At least he is eating, drinking, walking, and resting. For a few days he was doing none of them. In the end, everything will be okay.

One week from now we'll be in Salt Lake City, Utah! Hope to see new and familiar faces! :)


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NB Rabbitry said...

Wow. I would cry if my dog had a seizure...that is really sad Susie. :( May you live forever puppy!