Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Chihuahua "Rabbajoli".

This weekend will probably be a long one. I was going to try and attend the Hanford, CA show tomorrow, however I got called into work. I'm glad I chose that because our little dog, "Rabb" is sick.

Rabb has epilepsy, and yesterday evening it it got pretty bad. Usually, he'd have a seizure once a week. We've been having blood tests run on him, but everything comes back fine. Yesterday evening he had three, starting at about 7:00pm with one every hour until 10:30pm.

During the mile of the night, he had three more.

Doctor didn't pick up his phone last night, but called us back this morning. We brought him in where he was given some medicine, and kept to stay on watch. He had three more little seizures, and appeared to be doing fine.

Though it is sad, not only the seizures but with being on this medication, it makes him very "spacey". He looks around, not as responsive or alert. Looking into his eyes, you don't see much emotion. Though this is the affect of the medication("high") it breaks my heart a little knowing that he may not ever be himself again... since he will be on this medication for life. However, we've got to do what we've got to do.

I just gave him his second dose of medication, and he shortly had a seizure before that. It was just a minor one. *sigh* We'll just have to wait an see how he continues to do! It's not a complete bad thing he just had one, his system is still adjusting the the drugs.

A little off topic... but I love the little dude dearly. I'll continue to keep ya'll updated on our boy! He's a special member of the family just like our other pets, and too is held closely to our friends.


Rabb (who is also known as Cowboy, Herbert, or Puppy) just turned 5 years old on March 4th. He was the survivor of his litter born in our home when his mother killed his two other siblings. He is very special to me as I found the tragic happening and held him close to find he was still alive and untouched. :'(

I'll keep ya'll updated...

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