Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updated Website!

It's taken me long enough, I have updated my website completely! *phew* I'm proud of myself for finally getting it done... :)

Next project is to take current pictures of everybody! Any rabbit breeder would understand that this is a process cause of course now that the words come out of my mouth everyone will start molting or loose condition... hehe it's the "murphy's law" of the rabbit world...

The link would be:

Wooly World Rabbitry

Let's talk a little about it... I spent lots of time with the HTML. Several time I was accidentally saving stuff on the WRONG page having to re-do the Juniors page, several times, let me tell you, almost blew a gasket after I did it the third time! LOL.

Our home page is featuring "WWR Kiki" who is a blue doe out of WWR Sleeptalker, who now lives in Oklahoma with Melanie of Lil' Bit Farms and Erb's Ariel who lives with Amy of Amy's Barn Rabbitry. She is unfortunately unshowable but I hope to get some fine youngsters out of her for our 2009 Convention Show String! :)


I made a big list of rabbit shows we plan on attending. A couple I am thinking we will not make it too. A week after the big National show(ARBA Convention) Rita, the secretary for Convention is the secretary of another show a week after! Kudos to her! She is a wonderful secretary and hope to attend that one too, in Stockton. That will be ending our year unless otherwise heard on a Red Bluff show, which I'd love to return too! Good times with friends!

I'm awaiting to add more dates. The Summer Show held in Carol's backyard we will be attending, unsure if there is a date made. I want to also attend Solano County Fair I believe in July in Vallejo, CA. And on top of it all, I'd love to make it to another long distance show, say OR or Central/Southern CA. I'd love to see old friends and make new ones!

Oh, and the nursery page! I've bred a few does! Check it out and see what we may be expecting in the next month... I hope to have some Convention babies... It's been a while since we have had kits! My last litters born were 7 months ago! :(

I must make it clear though, the color combinations for the woolies are not that smart. I did them because Ro Sham Bo is a proven buck(which to me means he gets the job done and has healthy babies) and since the does have been "sitting" I'm depending on him... LOL.

I plan on doing some "tutorials" on things... any recommendations on what I should do? I'll probably do grooming, tattooing, and other fun things. hehe. Crossing fingers to "follow through"... (I'm a busy girl, you know!) :)

WWR Josh, a chestnut senior buck.

By the way, check out my current standings on! For Youth Overall Sweepstakes, I'm #14. For Youth Herdsman of the year, I'm #10! #1 in my district(2), too! Not too bad with limited showing AND only showing a few animals at a time! Woo! I'm quite content. :)

Thanks for reading! Be sure to sign my Guestbook and tell me what you think of my website!
Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

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