Friday, March 6, 2009


Today when checking my mail, the daily featured photo caught my eye... A PIKA! I Pika is a small, hamster like animals who live in cold climates. They are the only known animal related to the lagamorph(rabbit and hare) family! From my understanding this is because they have a pair of gnawing incisors, just like rabbits. (look behind your rabbits top teeth, you'll see a second pair behind them!)

Aren't they just ADORABLE?!

Now... you may be seeing some relation, what does a Pika look like to you?!

And Pikachu Pictures, Images and Photos

Yes, your favorite crime-stopping poke'mon, Pikachu!!!

Now, when you really compare them they look nothing like, but still adorable. I don't quite recall the name of the second version of Pikachu, however, I think he looked more like the actual Pika. LOL.

So, here is what inspired me to write this quick post. The website who hols my email account... :P

If you hover your mouse, it'll give you little facts about the cute mammal.

Also Wikipedia:

Until next time...
Susie Cederlof

1 comment:

Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Susie, by any chance you're going into that breed? LOL!!!!

When I saw the title of your quick post, the cartoon Pokemon came right into my mind and the photo of Pikachu said what was on my mind.

It will be interesting to know if they have since domesticated the Pika.

I believe many people are into keeping Chinchillas as pets and I find them have a little bit resemblance to the Pika.

Cute! And thanks for the web link.