Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rest In Peace, Meena.

This post is in dedication to Hobb's Meena, my Broken Orange Fuzzy Lop Doe I purchased from Leslie in August of 2007.

It was love at first sight. Something about her I just loved from the start, I thank Leslie for letting me take her home, I'm absolutely honored she got to spend her life here with me. Last night, I knew it was time. She wasn't doing good at all. It was heart breaking, but I had no other choice. We took her to the office, and had her go to sleep, to a better place, and a better time, and that moment I knew she's not gone forever, she'll always be by my side, and in my heart.


Meena has had two litters here, one with the stud of Leslie buck, "PSP Taboo" and born Daughter Hobb's Katie, Broken Opal Doe who still resides in our rabbitry. Second litter we had WWR The Lucky One, a Broken Orange Buck who now resides in MD with Kelsey of KN Rabbitry.


And though, our Meena is no longer with us, I still feel the brighter side. I think everything comes with reason. I feel more inspired than anything. This morning, a beautiful litter born, and bloomed the most beautiful Lincoln rose, little things mean a lot. I think it all comes within reason. Thank you Meena.

Meena's life was shortened to Scoliosis. I can't help but compare to the one I love most... life is so precious.


In life and death, you've always stole my heart.

Much love to her spirit, who I know will forever live on.

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry


Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

So sorry to hear. R.I.P. Meena.

They say in this bunny raising hobby, the best always go first. I believe that is what keep us going on and on at the end of the day. To get that piece of our heart back again.

Hope you have many many more bunnies as beautiful as Meena and minus the heartaches of course.

Kelsey said...

R.I.P Meena, you were a beautiful bunny, and I know Lucky was lucky to have you as his mom.