Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Love Wool!

One thing I love about my bunnies is their wool. Just the fact of their long wool makes them beautiful to me. Just like anybody else and their breed of choice, there is just *something* about it that makes you proud of it, want to show it off and present it to others.

I love showing pictures of my animals to my family, friends, teachers and clients. The looks and amazement make me smile. Many do not know rabbits can come in long hair, and if so, shocking cause they are "angoras?!". No, they are not Angora, but I do describe them to many as "Mini Angora". It makes much more sense to the common person, being they don't associate with rabbits. ;)

I do a lot of public display at our local fairs. You will notice many people will attract too my Jersey Woolies and others to the Holland Lop or Californian. Everyone has different taste! Is somebody chooses a Californian over my Wooly, honest I get a little greedy inside and can't quite wrap my head around why they would rather touch or talk about that than my Wooly! LOL!

Here are some of my Woolies. When I get cut down to the rabbits I want I will probably have less than 12. That's back to the numbers in the day! It'll be a good thing, it'll be healthy for my herd to smaller and I plan to line breed from there. I'm "expanding" my Fuzzy Lop herd. Stay posted in the next few months!

White Oak's Blue Belle- Blue Senior Doe w/ 3 Legs
I got Blue Belle from Marcia H. of White Oak's Woolies in Wisconsin. Marcia has been such a great to me and my herd, I really appreciate her and her help.

DTL's Lee- Orange Senior Buck
The Maki's gave me this little guy as a ugly teenibopper(LOL) in a trade and wow has he developed! I'm having troubles building flesh on him since Convention. I assume maybe I should worm him? Sounds like a good idea now that I think of it! Just in case! It's dawned on me maybe that's what our problem is. We'll see.

WWR Raquel- Broken Black Senior Doe
Again, here's my little girl. She surely is a cute little gal. But like I said, man, does she have an attitude! She's not mean, she's just jumpy and squirrely. I don't like it... :P

Wool is just striking to me, it looks fancy and elegant. I brought home something "wool-less" at the last bunny show. I caved after years of being good and not bringing home anything that wasn't a Jersey Wooly or Fuzzy Lop. LOL. Introducing...

Sonshine's JB aka "Mimic A Stranger"

Thank you Teri R. of Sonshine Rabbitry letting me bring home this little guy! I think of him as my "little buddy". hehe.

I can't wait to get some kits! The anticipation kills me. I think it'll be a nice highlight in my life and revise and give me back my vision. Please Bunny Gods?! :)

Until other ramblings...


LilBitFarms said...

"expanding" your Fuzzy Lop herd? Tease! Spill the beans Susie =D

Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

I always thought that your rabbits are stunning. I especially love the bulkiness in your AFLs. I know the wool may hide some stuff but it is very obvious to me, they have big thick bones.

How I wish I stay in California too so that I could bring home something from shows. And especially something from Terri! LOL! She has got killer NDs to die for!

If only my rabbitry is air conditioned 24/7, I will definitely pester you to send some of your JWs and AFLs over....

Give me a few more years to get my riches, I shall get it done by then. LOL!

*where the lotteries at?