Monday, April 14, 2008

Taste the Rainbow!

It's been nothing but baby luck here! I just had two more litters born this morning as well as another born the day before.

First, and the most exiting news is, Shakira has had a LIVE litter! Yep, you heard it! These kits are FAT. I'm surprised she passed them well. I'm glad she did though. She had three, I think they are Siamese sables/smoke pearls.

Party Girl also kindled this morning- five kits but 3 DOA. Two broken otters! (1 black, 1 blue) Hopefully everybody has a taste for some Tans in a couple-few months. haha.

The day before (4.12) Blue Belle kindled three- but two are DOA. Looks like a Chestnut is left!

*whew* This is exiting because they are three of my favorite does. Though I have to admit, the excitement is wearing off and going, "What am I going to do with all these babies?!"

Now, its time for another baby count!!! :D
Jersey Woolies:
5 chestnut
4 black otter
3 smoke pearl
2 opal
2 blue
1 blue otter
1 seal
1 sable point
1 black
1 brkn. black otter
1 brkn. blue otter
(mystery) Shakira's babies are still fresh, but I think we have 2 sable and a REW. ;]

Fuzzy Lops:
1 tort.
1 blue tort.
1 blue fox
1 fox

9 standard :P

So many babies my head can spin! We still have 5 due within the next couple weeks!

This little boy looks semi-familiar... anybody know who he looks familiar too?


That's Rock Paper Scissors full brother from another litter! They look so similar, though RPS had a bigger head. He's coming along really cute and don't forget that innocent little face! He loves head rubs and kisses. How cute!

ONE LAST THING-- I completely re-did my whole website! Several pictures added with updates. I'm really proud of it. Please check it out at:

I'd LOVE a guestbook signing! Be sure to put a website so I can return the favor. :]

I think that is all I have to say for now, I'm saving some pictures for a blog hopefully tomorrow.

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