Wednesday, April 9, 2008

AFL and JW For Sale

This is what I currently have available.

American Fuzzy Lop
WWR Keasby Nights- Fawn Senior Buck- Overall a nice buck! I'd like to see more legth to coat.
Parents: WWR Talladega(Tort- 2 Legs) X FH's Luvlee(Chestnut)
Mainly WWR, PFF's, AK's, and Brian's lines.

WWR Handshakes- Blue Fox Junior Buck- I really do love this buck's type. Ears are still relaxing, little flat over body but short. Very small guy.
Parents: Lucky Lop's Addison(Brkn. Blue Fox) X WWR Carley(Orange- 1 Leg)
Lines consist: WWR, PFF's, AK's, FH's, Brian's, Campo, and Belokonny. Dad is a Fuzzy Holland.

Jersey Wooly
WWR Hanna Beth- Black Pointed White Young Senior Doe- I like her. Head is a little broody. Short, wide compact body. Nice wool coming along the sides.
Parents: Erb's Boulder(Blue, REG. G.C. 15 Legs) X WWR/Dorissa's Kipsie(Lilac Pointed White)
Lines mainly consist: WWR, Erb's, Leapin'.

PLUS: Several Babies!!!
In the Wooly department:
Chestnut(4), Opal(2), Seal, Sable Point, Otter(1 Black, 1 Blue), Black, Smoke Pearl(2), Blue, REW... 4 more does started nesting today! Serious inquiries only, I do have lots of these babies with inquiries on them. ;]

Fuzzy section:
1 Brkn. Fox doe and 1 Brkn. Blue Fox buck. VERY cute and wonderful personalities. Would make great pets or even good for a breeding program!

I'll be making a herd cut soon, stay tuned!

Also, I bred two Californians for Meat Pens for Solano County Fair in July. ;]

I think that is it for now... I have to have surgery for a root canal tomorrow. As for pictures, my memory card went magically missing! So when it magically(!) comes back, I'll have to take picture of our babies!


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