Monday, April 7, 2008

Rabbit Hypnosis

Rarely do I do 'Rabbit Hypnosis'. Not enough time, don't think of it, fussy rabbit etc... its just not worth the little time you invest into hypnotizing your rabbit. However, WWR Shakes has the CUTEST underside and I find myself constantly flipping him over, I decided today with bordom I will 'hypnotize' him.

Hypnos is greeks for sleep. Hypnosis is inducing sleep. In rabbits, a natural compfortable postition is laying on their back, as when kits this is how they nurse. Some rabbit do not like being flipped over, I'm not exactly sure on this but sometimes the noise, srrounding, pulling of the ears/scruff is scary which resists them from flipping over. While on its back, you can take your fore finger and rub it up and down its back to 'hypnotize' it. When your rabbit feels rested, slowly take your hand and pull away while still rubbing the belly. When your hand is removed, you can stop the rubbing of the belly and hopefully you've gone the trick. A rabbit can lay there for a little while. You can also snap your fingers and the rabbit will wake up.

Shakes took a while to do this, he doesn't mind being flipped over but was frightened to be let go. Finally, I got him to stay. His eyes were rolled back into his head, so I did a pretty good job! LOL.


Blue Rain gave birth to 3 healthy kits, 1 blue, 2 smoke pearl on 4.5.08 sired by Hare's Mystic!


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silentspringsrabbitry said...

too cute Susie! I love that little buck =]]