Monday, April 21, 2008

American Fuzzy Lop Juniors

Here are a couple pictures of two of my junior fuzzies. I didn't get to the other two as the camera died before I got there.

This is the Blue Tort Buck that I'm going to sell to a girl in 4-H. She's starting out in fuzzies, she wanted a doe, however, I do not have one, but I do like Kismet's Conejita's body, and she has short thick ears, I thought she would be nice bred back to her son, pictured below. So what I'm going to do is give Jita to start them off so they can start breeding now.

Here is their boy! He's really nice and I *should* be keeping him. I don't like his long ears though. Maybe he will grow into them? Both parents have short thick ears and he was the one in the litter with longer ears. Maybe its a fluke. His head is HUGE and he has a short, depthy WIDE body. Nice wool too. He's going to be nice, besides those ears! Argh!




Now, when I say huge head, I obviously really mean it. lol.

This is his sister, WWR Prissy. Well, she gets her name now as when I was taking pictures, she really thinks shes The Queen of the Castle! Shes absolutely CUTE. I like her ears and her wool is more dense, but not as nice of a body as her brother above. She will be staying for now. He has a funky ear because when she was a baby mom accidentally bit the base of the ear. She also has a beautiful head for a doe!


Sorry for the bad side view, she was a fuss and trying to get a picture sucker the batteries dry and it died then.

That's all for now... I got more pictures and some more stuff to share.

Later postings...
Susie :)

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Hi Susie,

Very nice bunnies you got there. I especially love those Fuzzy Lops coz I have got a heart for the lopping buns.

Glad to know you and hope we could keep in touch.

Tim @ TLR