Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Convention Breedings, Does due and babie updates!

Hello everyone!

I've been quite busy busy busy for the last few days. Today was extreamly busy, out of town, fair entries, company and of course the rabbits.

I want to say I've done my first pair of convention breedings. I don't have much to breed so theres not too much excitement. But these will be for convention juniors!

REG. WWR Sisily w/ 2 Legs X Hare's Mystic w/ 11 Legs
REG. G.C. WWR Zoe w/ 4 Legs X REG. G.C. Wooligans Hamlet w/ 9 Legs

Sisily, is my pointed white doe who is probably by far my favorite doe I've ever produced. Right now, she has the most beautiful coat on. So much texture, density and length to it. Not to mention the life and how beautifully it rolls back. I bred her to Hare's Mystic, as they have some decently familiar lines and would put a bit of a bigger head on her. Hopefully, I'll get what I'm working for.

I'm extreamly low on Wooly bucks right now. I have 4 working bucks. Thats all. Its so difficult and tricky to work with what I need. =[ Mostly color wise.

You question probably is, why don't you have several does to breed to? You want to se something kinda neat? ;] *WARNING* The typings below are a mess!

3.2 - WWR Audrey X REG. Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo w/ 3 legs
3.4 - REG. WWR Abby w/ 2 legs X REG. WWR Sleeptalker w/ 1 BOB Leg
3.6 - Cedar Ridge's Blue Rain X Hare's Mystic w/ 11 Legs
3.10 - REG. G.C. Erb's Ariel w/ 5 legs X REG. WWR Sleeptalker w/ 1 BOB Leg
3.12 - REG. WO's Blue Belle w/ 3 Legs X Wooligans/WWR Ro w/ 3 Legs
3.12 - REG. G.C. Wooligans Party Girl w/ 7 Legs X WWR SleepWalker
3.12 - REG. LeSage's Shakira w/ 12 Legs X Hare's Mystic w/ 11 Legs
3.18 - WWR Carley w/ 1 Leg X Kismet's Mr. Feeny
3.22 - Kismet's Sia w/ 1 Legs X Hobb's Grant(owned by Starlite Rabbitry- thanks Katie!)
3.22 - Hobb's Meena w/ 5 Legs X Sky High Walker(owned by Starlite Rabbitry- thanks AGAIN Katie! =D )

Several several babies are due! Be sure to let me know if you want a upcomming kit... I can try my best and work things out with colors, sexes, pairs, shipping, and discounts!

This is my list of what is accually here now-
9 Standard Californian babies
13 Jersey Wooly Babies
• 1 Smoke Pearl Doe
• 1 Seal Doe
• 1 REW Buck
• 1 Sable Point Doe
• 1 Blue Otter Doe(?)
• 1 Opal Doe
• 5 Chestnuts (ones a buck so far)
• 1 Squirrel
• 1 Black
4 American Fuzzy Lop Babies
• 2 Blue Tort (1 buck, 1 doe)
• 1 Brkn. Fox Doe
• 1 Brkn. Blue Fox Buck

Wowza. Thats a mouthful. =P

Also, I have 1 Ptd. White Jersey Wooly young Senior Doe for sale. Price reduced to $30. This is WWR Hanna Beth, the last Boulder baby. =[ If not sold soon, I may just breed her.

I think that is all for tonight. Let me know if you'd be interested in anything. I'm willing to help to the best of my ability. =] Email:

Susie Cederlof
Wooly World Rabbitry

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