Friday, April 4, 2008

So many babies!

It seems like I just can't get off this 'baby topic'. Well, the problem is, its just the highlight of everything! Theres not much other than to talk about babies! =P

I went out today and took pictures of all the babies. Audrey also had 3 fat healthy kits this morning, I've very proud of her because 1) shes a first time mom 2) shes spoiled and 3) she doesn't like anything in or near her cage. I'm glad shes being a good mama right now. =] She had 3 otters/chestnuts.

On to the pictures!

These are Angel X Ro Sham Bo kits. I have 2 chestnuts and I think a squirrel. Maybe a opal. We'll see. =]

Pearl X Ro Sham Bo. We have a black otter and a chestnut!

Cleo X Sleepwalker = 1 black kit. This is our fourth generation!

Audrey X Ro Sham Bo. 3 black otter/chestnut. Ro Sham Bo has been getting the ladies... Again, fourth generation kits, we've filled a pedigree! =]

I took these pictures while I was comming back inside, so cute!

Opal Doe peeking over the box.

Opal Doe and Chestnut Buck give eachother a kiss. Awe!

I pulled Shakira out today to see if she took, let me make this clear. SHE TOOK. She has such a big tummy. She was extreamly heavy too. Yeesh, I really hope these arn't fetal giants. Maybe just a litter of 4? =O

The very preggo Shakira.

Her bulged belly.

She is due the 12th.

Abby and Blue Rain started nesting who are next on my list. Abby due tomorrow, Blue Rain due the 7th. Again, everyone appears to have taken... This will be a first if so!

Also, any good tips on how to teach your bunny to stop begging? ;]


Susie =]

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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Oh my goodness, they are just so cute in the nest! I hope to have a few in there together but sadly, I only have 1 little fellow in the nest now.

Very nice and clear photos. Thanks for sharing.