Sunday, May 10, 2009

OR/WA Day 4

This morning, we wake up in Kelso, WA. Again, another morning "slept in" meaning 9:00am. "What happened last night?" Well, apperently, Katie and I were wired on sugar! Keith, Leslie's super husband, made us a whole tray of brownies and sent them all with us! I ate several, Katie, not as many, and we drank a lot of 100% paradise blend juice! We didn't quite agree with our decisions the night before.

Our taste buds were happy though. :)

We check on the bunnies, we have a tight pack. You'd be amazed by how many bunnies we can fit in one car! Katie and I brought home a few Fuzzy Lops each from Leslie. We love our new additions!


I cannot dread the word "drove" enough. We did a lot of it. On our way home, we meet up with Nita S., a Lionhead breeder who brought several gorgeous lionheads for Katie she had been holding for a few months! It was so exciting. Nita is very helpful and a lovely person, she has a lot of compassion for the Lionhead. After, we met with another breeder, but this time of Holland Lops, Linda J. of L&R Hollands! Linda let us visit her rabbitry and WOW! She has a wonderful set up, beautiful Holland Lops that she takes wonderful care for. Linda and her Husband we're very welcoming and nice.

Speaking of nice, can I say we met the most absolute sweetest people along our trip?! It was wonderful and we thank everyone we met along the way for all the help and memories! THANK YOU!

Reaching California... still light out!

We get home about 11:00pm Sunday. Katie and I are wiped out. Katie and I both have work and I had school the next morning. It's never ending! But the best thing is telling everyone the next day... "I was in Washington just yesterday morning!" Great conversation started when everyone asks why I look so tired or sick. LOL.


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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

What a fun trip you both had!

Keep em' coming. Very interesting indeed.