Friday, May 8, 2009

OR/WA Day 2

GoodMorning Oregon! Wow! Is it cold and wet out this morning or what? I'm not used to a super cloudy and foggy morning in the near summer time. I can really grasp the down energy around me. We grab our bags, and head out!

Katie and I are good when leaving motels, we get out rather quickly and get on the road to our destination, no time to waste time!

We drive for about an hour and we see our first sight of Portland... last time, we stayed in downtown Portland which wasn't such a great idea. Like I've said before, it just all starts coming back to you.


The city had buildings fully built from the last time we saw them just starting to be built. And new ones, started again. It's so funny to think, "the next time I come up here THESE buildings should be built." It's all another reoccuring event.

We creep closer and closer to the border, and FINALLY, we are in Washington state! I love how when you enter Washington it's always on a bridge. This one was smaller than the last time, since we had a different route.


We stop just a little into Washington, where we care for the pigs. Katie and I got a kick out of the broken down Carnival in the parking lot! Too funny. The people were rather rude and teasing us and our "dogs". Very interesting seeing we are the only ones wearing "color". I saw a lot of grey, dark blue, dark green, in everybody's attire.



Before you know it... we pull up to our good friend's house... FINAL DESTINATION! What a relief! Funny thing is, shortly after, we drive about 45 minutes to another rabbitry for Katie to pick out some new additions... We end up in at PRIDELANDS RABBITRY, where Theresa openly welcomes us at 11:00pm! What a wonderful lady! We got to meet her two beautiful children and her bunnies. Katie ended up taking home a Black Buck and a Tort Doe, after looking though several gorgeous animals. We head back to guess who's home?!

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