Friday, May 22, 2009

Jersey Wooly Nationals 2009 (day 1)

My second flight ever, and my first flight alone. Katie gave me tons of advice on my first flight when we went to Kentucky. During our trip back home from the West Coast Classic, she assured me of a lot of things, "everything will be fine."

I wake up and mom and I travel to the Airport in Sacramento. I get ready, wave mom goodbye, and on my way to figure the whole thing out myself. I'm very happy Katie showed me what to do, it made things SO easy and SO quick, I felt like I had been doing this for years! I find where I'm supposed to be, and I wait. During this wait, I texted Katie, my mom, and another friend of mine. Katie called me and it was rather sad... a bunny trip without Katie?! I felt like backing out, I was so guilty, I told her, "You should come, my plane hasn't left yet..." jokingly. She "Hmm..." and told me to call her at my layover.

I get on the plane and read the somewhat boring magazines in the back of the seats. Before I knew it, I had arrived in Minneapolis, MN for my layover. I turn on my phone and I have a new voicemail. I go through the process of hearing it... and it's Katie. She sounded so sad, "Hey Susie, it's Katie... I was just calling to let you know..." ask I'm starting sad she goes, "that I got my plane ticket to Ohio in my hand RIGHT NOW!" What a killer! lol. I was very happy and excited. This isn't only my breed Nationals, it is her's too, for Lionheads. I let out sounds of joy on the phone and called her back, then while talking I get off the plane she had to go, she was boarding her plane. Once I hang up, I walk into the airport and all of a sudden hear some shouting...

"Susie!!! Susie!!!" my first reaction was, "Who is shouting my name in a Minnesota airport?!" I look around and see Amber waving her arms in excitement! Amber! I was so happy to see a familiar face! She saw my confusion and laughed. Talked about our flights, our rabbits, and Katie. We had an hour layover, and decided to do something fun. Amber found a little place that did all kinds of things, manicures, massages, haircuts, make-up... it was so cute. We decided to both get a manicure, I've never had one before and Amber treated me. (thank you!) We chatted some more, and thats when time started crunching down. We had to be at our flight and thats when we left, we asked for directions and was told to go all the way to the end on our left. Off we go!

We get to the end, and we show up to our terminal... and thats when things go bad. Appearently, we were in the complete wrong direction and were mislead. We got proper directions and took off running back to the Tram to take us the other direction. Luckly, I brought some running shoes, because I don't think my heels would have done me good. Amber ran and ran and RAN some more, we were track stars, racing for a gold metal! We BARELY made it to our flight. I felt like a winner. Running had never been so fun, we felt like we were in a movie!

We finally land in Columbus, Ohio. The only thing I felt was "We made it, we made it!" My heart was still pounding from the race to the flight. We catch a taxi to our room, and hang out there for a little bit. We chatted and decided to order some pizza. The pizza guy was so fabulous and needless to say, so was the pizza. ;)

We took our pizza to the airport with us to pick up our lovely friend Katie. Yay!!! We catch a taxi back and then wait for our bunnies to arrive. Ate more pizza and that's where at 12:00mid. our bunnies arrive, catch another taxi, again, back to our room where we spend the rest of our night. Go to bed "late" Ohio time, where we have a long day ahead of us in the morning.

Picked up the bunnies in the airport.

Evaluating bunnies on the pizza box while waiting for our taxi guy, "Mr. Nuru".

Getting excercise in the hotel room.


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