Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tons Going On!

It's been over a month since I've had the chance to blog, and even now, is a bad time to blog as I am SO busy!

I currently have a total of 22 baby bunnies between 8 litters & a wide variety of colors. This has been keeping off the computer on top of work, rabbit shows, and other various things. :)


A very promising AFL Junior Doe

Right now I am exhibiting my 5th day at fair, and tomnorrow will be my last. Tuesday was check in, Wednesday was the rabbit show, Thursday was the poultry show, Friday was Supreme Small Animal Showmanship "round robin", today I'll be going a little later to check on bunnies and finally have a chance to see the other exhibits & livestock.

I entered 7 rabbits, but only got to bring two, my Broken Magpie Holland Lop, "Puck" and my Broken Chestnut Netherland Dwarf, "Mickey". Mickey took 2nd place Senior Buck ND in a class of 7. I won my Showmanship class in Advance FFA as an Independent. My Astroloup hen got 2nd place and I also placed 3rd in Advance FFA Poultry Showmanship as Independent. Strangely this was only my second time doing Poultry showmanship, and I didn't get dead last! :P


As for Round Robin, we are all awaiting results until Sunday (tomorrow). Fun stuff! The anticipation is killing us all. Everyone did so well and I wish my fellow competitors good luck!

So, yes, I have been on the run. I attended the Stockton show last weekend, but did not show. I also attended the West Coast Classic the weekend before in Monterey, CA. We did pretty well. I showed my Broken Chestnut Netherland Mickey and he got his first Leg in show A! Super exciting. The bad news on him is, while exhibiting him as fair, it appears an accident happened and his toenail is completely missing. It appears as if it won't grow back. It's a bummer since he is developing so nicely, I was hoping to Grand him out...


C&M's Mickey at the Beach

This is just a quickly, hope to have more opportunities to blog soon, but who knows where I'll be next! :P I'll surely make a blog with my showmanship photos when possible.


This is a photo of my Fuzzy Doe, "Madalyn" and I at the beach in Monterey.

Have a good weekend!
Susie :)

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