Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big BIG Kitties!

Nope, not baby bunnies. Felines! Today was an interesting day. I usually walk to work, it's only a 10-15 minute walk across town. Beautiful day, everyone was friendly, flowers were blooming. I walk into work and before I set down my things, my mom & co-worker told me to look behind the counter. I thought I just saw a medium sized dog but boy was I wrong! A 25lb male Savannah cat on a harness. I've only seen the owners kittens come in. Here was her biggest cat, who is a F2 from a pure Serval.

This is "Trouble".

Here I am posed with Trouble. I'm having trouble. LOL.

Check out her "Cattery" at Savannah Island.

We have two JW's currently in the nestbox. They were born 2/13/10. One is max factored, his nose is really funny shaped, I'll have to get pics but he is very healthy other wise. :)


It's warming up a little, I'm enjoying it!
Susie :)


truluvrabbitry said...

What a huge cat that is...

I hope Trouble didn't think you were Stuart Little...

NB Rabbitry said...

Oooo! Very beautiful kitties... and very huge. lol

Totally cool. :) Cutie babies too. ;)