Friday, July 2, 2010

Half-way of 2010

It's been a long time but reasons are legit. Things started to slow down for a few shakes and have picked back up into full swing over the past week. Today I am writing this blog as my boss & family are on vacation for the weekend, and I'm not having to work! It feels unusual, but it is great to use this time to catch up and do some chores around the house. Hopefully clean cages this evening, maybe.

We've had a successful breeding season thus far.

Baby count this year(as of now or live to weaning):
Netherland Dwarfs: 3
Holland Lops: 2
American Fuzzy Lops: 6
Jersey Woolies: 25
Total kits: 36

I don't think I have shared much about my Netherland Dwarfs or Holland Lops. I currently own a pair of Holland Lop does, and a small handful of Netherland Dwarfs. I love the Netherlands a lot and having a lot of fun with them!

They remind me a bit like the Jersey Woolies and Fuzzy Lops combined. They are calm when holding them like a JW and excitable in their cage like a AFL. They take good care of themselves and also tend to mind their own business. I like them, they are different and their trays are SO easy to clean! :)

I also did rather well at Solano County Fair! It was a lot of fun with my buddies and so laid back. The weather was great, though it was much hotter at home. Most days we only went to check our animals and go back home to keep watch our others. It was a blast.

Melanie, Nikki, me, Stephanie

I was so proud of my favorite fair friends (above). They did such a great job with their animals and showmanship!

My results go:
FFA Advance Rabbit Showmanship; 1st
FFA Advance Poultry Showmanship; 1st
BOB Jersey Wooly: WWR Sango
BOSB Jersey Wooly: WWR Little Steps
BOB Netherland Dwarf: C&M Mickey
RBIS goes to my Jersey Wooly doe, Sango! :)
and also FFA Advance Master Showmanship Champion

It's been an interesting past couple months here, little good and a lot of bad, but that is just how life works sometimes. Just gotta keep moving forward!

Have a fun & safe Independence Day!
Susie :)

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