Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's a Magpie Obsession

It's about time my "secret" comes out. By the title, yes, I love me some Magpie right now. And nope, nope not of the Harlequin rabbit breed! JERSEY WOOLIES. I'm in love with Magpie Jersey Woolies!

Who know such a thing existed? Well, I surely didn't when about a year ago I got an email from The Maki Family in Redding with some pictures of some unusual colored... Woolys. Apparently, Harlequin and Magpie. (check out their website here)

I feel in love and of course had to pester them for my OWN colored Wooly. :) A few months ago they emailed me with a Magpie Wooly doe to send me. Yes! I picked her up a couple months ago at the Santa Rosa rabbit show from Teri.

I fell in love.

Above is DTL's Simca - who is a Sable Point Magpie Vienna Mark. Festive!

So you probably wonder what the heck I'm going to do with this rabbit? Well, Sarah sent her bred. She had a litter, and inside we have a Sable Point Magpie, and a Tort Vienna Mark. I lucked out. The Magpie we got may be Sable Point, but it has a perfect vertical on his face, and 3 distinct bars on his body and is relatively clean! Exciting!

Oh, so cute!!!

As if I couldn't get enough, I also contacted Creator's Critters in BC Canada for a Magpie HL Buck she has available. After much planning and much help, I was able to get him down here! Thank you Serri Evans, Vern Marchetti, and Tricia Hill for ALL your help! You guys are awesome, I'm so happy he's finally here in California. :@)


This is Creator's Puck, a Black Magpie HL Junior Buck. I had to name him something Canadian-related! hehe :)

*phew* I bet you readers are feeling a bit, overwhelmed perhaps? I would have to say I am too, slightly. I have big plans, and am very excited. I hope to pull some Harlequins/Tri Colors out of these guys too. :)

"Everyday I want to try something I have never tried, go somewhere I have never gone, create something I could only dream of and learn something I never knew." -Audrey Kitching

Have a good week,
Susie :)


Laura said...

Your jersey wooly rabbit is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Go for your dreams, Susie!