Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Quickly Approaching

Oh summer, where have you gone? Not only was summer quick to come and go, it wasn't much of a summer in the first place. We did have hot days, but very few. It was a cool summer though, I'm not complaining, for the rabbits, that is!

I will be at the Stockton Rabbit Show on September 19. Can you believe it, it's been 5 months since I last attended an all breed rabbit show in California! The three that I did attend in the past five months were Jersey Wooly Nationals in Columbus, Ohio, the Summer Wool Backyard Show in Portola Valley, CA and the Benefit Show for Kevin Rudolph in Monroe, Washington. It seems like it has been forever, no wonder.

Other than that, we do not have much going on here. Lots of molts and out of condition bunnies, sounds the usual. Ro Sham Bo came inside to play with my niece tonight, too cute. He is such a great rabbit and does a wonderful job at stealing peoples hearts. His coat is about to blow out. Don't think it'll make it until this weekend. He probably won't be going to convention. :(

I'm obviously not patient enough. Look at this buck I had been trying to sell for months? Gorgeous! I should keep him around, been thinking about it, but I'm really trying to keep my numbers small. *sigh* What to do... what to do...


I have many idea coming up for this blog. I know, I always say this! It's been busy and I think it's going to continue to get busier. I need to jot it down though, too often do I forget things.

I miss my rabbit friends. Just thought I'd let you know. LOL.


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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

can't wait to see what u have planned out for this blog...