Monday, August 24, 2009


There has been a lot going on here lately. School back in, more work hours, other life problems that come about when you grow up, friends, family, pets growing older too. Everything seems so new, and now, 4 months from graduation I'm having to look into my future now, needless to say, it's quite time consuming.

Convention is quickly approaching, I don't think I'll have much to show but it should be a fun experience. I look forward to meeting many friends kept in touch with over the internet. Rabbits are a wonderful thing and have guided me to some of the best friends and most inspirational people, taken me the coolest places and making me the person I am today. This isn't nessesarily a "crazy" hobby as many people may put me in for owning 50 rabbits and ((SHOWING?!!?)) them?! Simply, my rabbits are more than just rabbits.

I have two new litters on the ground...

Sire: Caudill's Slim Shady (REW)
Dam: WWR Raquel (Brkn. Black)
Born: 8/16/08
1 Sable Martin, 1 Black

Sire: Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo (Chestnut)
Dam: White Oak's Blue Belle (Blue)
Born: 8/19/09
1 Opal

As for... Sable Martin?! I'm not sure where that came from! I'm just calling it a "fluke". Shady's sire is Chestnut, ans his dam is REW. Raquel's sire is Brkn. Seal, and dam Black. I assume Chestnut and Seal met up along the way, had a little chat and hooked up. Too funny. Here is a photo:


I knew something looked fishy about his color on day one.

On a color fluke note, I'm still so blown away on my cross between an Opal and Broken Black Otter, and getting a Blue Tort. I try and question myself, and recently I wondered if it was maybe fawn. Honestly, it looks like it *could* be and to me, would make more sense, but it is just very vibrant orange/tort looking. Especially on the back. I might do that same combo again just to see what happens again, LOL.

WWR Riceball - broken blue tort junior doe

I'm thinking about attending the Crescent City, CA show on 9/5-6/09. It's very far up north on the coast. Sounds interesting, and you know me, I'm a sucker for new travels. Will have to think about it, but that's another loss of 2 days at work.


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Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

It's amazing how rabbits can throw unexpected colors. How I wish to live to see all the colors and traits my rabbits will throw into their kits. That's if they are able to outlive me in this lifetime. LOL!