Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stockton Show Yesterday

I could say "I'm Sorry" for my full on rant yesterday, but not fully sure if I'd mean it. I feel quite bad that I went a little batty on how I was feeling. I was having a rough day with all the drama I am circled around when I show my American Fuzzy Lop rabbits. I feel quite guilty that I didn't have time to chat with Angel but did get a few moments to talk to Amber... that was nice. Amber is such a wonderful person, and so calm and serene with her words. I also got to chat with Danielle which was nice, she isn't crazy either. I really miss my Jersey Wooly group. I get so caught up with the Fuzzies and feel so pressured to know what is going on every single moment cause more than half of the time it isn't any good.

I did well with my bunnies yesterday. Especially my American Fuzzy Lops. Results go like this:

AFL Show A:
Lil' Bit Farm's Madalyn- 1/6, BOV, BOB! (1st Leg)
Lil' Bit Farm's Bjork- 1/2
Twin Elm's Independence Day- 1/3, BOV, BOSB! (6th Leg)
Lucky Lop's Abraham- 2/3

AFL Show B:
Lil' Bit Farm's Madalyn- 2/6
Lil Bit Farm's Bjork- 1/2
Twin Elm's Independence Day- 1/3, BOV, BOB! (7th Leg)
Lucky Lop's Abraham- 2/3

JW Show A & B:
LeSage's Cracker Jack- 1/1 BOG
Skyview's Brittany- 1/1 BOG


I'm quite excited and very proud... I want to thank everyone who congratulated me! (especially if you honestly meant it!)

I find it HILARIOUS that I am congratulated when competition isn't ones problem in the matter of youth/open. However if I were in the open competition and had won I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been congratulated! Or, in such a happy manner. I'm not going to go into details, but THANK YOU Jenny who meant it and then called me to tell me the rumor of her being "mad" that I won (which I barely believe in the first place cause it didn't add up) was actually a rumor. I didn't think about it much until she did call me about it!

Twin Elm's Independence Day

Lil' Bit Farm's Madalyn

Thanks to all my understanding friends... it's too bad I feel really scared about mentioning the things/sicknesses I did below, because people interpret things the wrong way... though I have come across those problems in my time, none are a present problem. And hopefully never again a future problem.



§ilver §kittles said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you, Sue. LOOK AT THOSE CHUNKY CHEEKS! hahaha your bunnies are so adorable. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the open win thing ;)

im typing the word verification to post this comment, and the word is "gosticke" BAHAHAHAHA.

Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Congratulations on your placings. It's sweet victory in my opinion after so many years of trying and trying. I am very happy for you Susie!

Susie said...

You guys are awesome!!! thank you thank you! ^_^

Carol said...

Hey there! Hope you know that my congratulations are always sincere!! As long as you don't beat me of course.....OK, just kidding. Keep it up because we all need to stay on our toes. Brian H always said "you are only as good as your competition", and I completely believe that.

LilBitFarms said...

Congrats Susie! You did awesome :)

Susie said...

Thanks Carol and Melanie! :)