Saturday, September 19, 2009

No Tea No Shade

First off, a HUGE Happy Birthday to my best friend, and partner in crime, Katie! Today was the Stockton show and she came to celebrate her birthday with us. It's too bad we didn't have cake and ice cream, but, both probably would have melted. Today was the hottest rabbit show YET I've been too.

This is where things get ugly. I'm quite the humble person and through many years of hurt and depression, I try and learn not to take people and life personally. Though, it doesn't completely make all my problems go away, it does relieve my stress which is HUGE deal too... I've very stress prone and get ILL when it is too much.

I've shown rabbits for 6 years, breeding for 5 years. Though, maybe the first couple of years I was a complete "newb" as you would call it, with ugly stock and didn't have a chance on the show tables. These were Jersey Woolies, and 3 1/2 years ago I got started in American Fuzzy Lops and it was quite a shock from there. Though, it was about a year until it really kicked in.

My blog used to be a very open place filled with lots of happiness and sadness. My blog is not solely based for advice but lots of experience. You can see my herd grow throughout this blog and the accomplishes I've made, and too the mistakes. We either learn through our own or understand by others. Not everything was picture perfect until I posted about a complete devastation that had happened in my rabbitry, a mistake I had made, something I was surely ashamed of and VERY upset with myself about. As an open person, I felt explaining it out on this blog can avoid the same mistake in the future for other people in the hobby. I got attacked as if I had put this upon my animals and I wanted to hurt them even though I was hurt most of all. I decided that MAYBE blogging about the stuff that DOES happen to everyone one time or another to a rabbit breeder or what REALLY goes on in a rabbitry in not a good idea. I love writing and felt like a part was taken from me, but, it may be protecting my safely. Those HRS people are pretty psychotic...

Well you know what. Screw that. I've had my last straw in this stupid rabbit world and trying to hide SO much. From now on, I'm going to tell you guys EVERYTHING. How about we talk about the crappy exhibitors we have to show with and their POOR attitudes? What about snuffles? I'll tell you how to SAVE a rabbit with fly strike. We've all been there but secretly we all act like we are perfect and don't have bad situations stumble upon us. When did we become such BABIES when it comes to the truth? Why can't we just listen, and maybe not judge each other, or bash each other, or even stick up our noses like somebody is better than the next breeder.

I BREED RABBITS. And with GOOD, comes BAD. I don't care what anyone says. I've been in this for 6 years and I've been lied to, cheated, stolen from, I've been shit talked on, I've been used, I've had rabbits die, I've had snuffles, I've had rabbits eat their babies and I've pulled out stuck kits from does. I've been ALL the way around the block, and though it sucks, I don't think its ever going to not happen again, but hopefully I can prevent it. And heck, my rabbits have even had matts more than a time or two.

We all keep on the DL when it is something we really don't like talking about or are embarrassed to talk about. I always wonder, how does this do any good for anybody? I cannot help but think about Katie and Timothy as I write this blog now. I remember the first time I really TALKED about snuffles for the first time with other breeders, and still many were not wanting to say much! Katie posted on Rabbit Habbit a thread telling people to speak up about this deadly disease. It did not mean she, or I, or anyone who spoke up had snuffles at the moment, but it was just a hopeful thread that could give others heads up on the virus and share what we have experienced/believe. Maybe even one day work together and gather this info as whole and find a cure? We're all pansy's when it comes down to the situation. No tea no shade.

Timothy recently posts pictures of two kits who are deceased and I give him props for that. We as humans are so stingy and pretend death doesn't happen. We pretend bad doesn't happen. My heart goes to him for his deaths and have been in the SAME place. I used to share my dead kits too! Max factors, fetal giants... deadly situations for the kits and even sometimes the birthing doe. We are just screaming, WARNING!

This blog has gotten WAY too long, and I hope you guys all understand where I am coming from when I write this. It's been a long day, and too often I forget this is my blog, these are my rabbits, and this is what I love enjoying. If anybody has a problem, please feel free to ask me about it or simply unsubscribing to my blog.

Please excuse my anger, but I'm tired of hiding the truth.


Oh, and how about some CUTE to cool us off now? AWWW... Lucky Lop's Fiona Apple.



Rachelle said...

Kudos girlfriend. So well stated. I also have been where you are at and have to step back and ask "What are we doing this for, if not for fun and LOVE of these animals." You will never find someone more dedicated or passionate than Susie.

Good for you for stating the obvious truth. Now let's see if they can handle it?? Unfortunately, I think I already know the answer to this question... that's okay too. I say when life gives you lemons, GET YOUR OWN PITCHER! XO

Bernice Coplin said...

Great job Susie! You, Teri and I were just talking about this when you were here last week! I'm not up to date on this blogging thing but you give me a reason to get current! You are delightful as well as courageous and strong! I will back you up in a heartbeat as well as ask for your expertise when I need it. We too do not have a perfect rabbitry. Veronica was so tickled to have you see her setup and get your input. Never lose that open, honest, part of yourself! Don't let anyone discourage you or keep you from being true to yourself and what you know and feel!

Briana B. said... made my day. This was the perfect thing to read after my show yesterday. :)

Your Ah-Maaaazing!


truluvrabbitry said...


I feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog. Thank you so much and you have been such an inspiration to me as well. I guess that's how we all grow together in this great hobby.

There are many self righteous people in this world. Have you ever watch those auditions on Idols where people think they are way too good but in actual fact they suck? Those are the exact people that tends to give others hell. I believe the root cause of it is insecurity. I am glad you're holding your head up much higher now and I am extremely proud of you.

I am not too sure how long more this world would be in a superficial mode. I believe we're just lying to ourselves just covering up everything that is unperfect in our own weak and feeble nature. Didn't Adam & Eve became shameful after doing something wrong?

We have not done anything wrong if we get a fetal giant or a max factor kit. It is not as if we are the ones that fuse the egg and sperm of a doe and buck together.

We may never be able to explain the reason for them but we do speculate and try doing things differently. Heck, we only live this life once, and if everything is perfect, I do not think I'll want to live this life to the fullest because it would be BORING.

Keep up the good work and kick some butts out there!

P/S: there is something that sets nice people apart from the nasty ones, we have more TRUE friends and that's what matters.

ThreeLittleLadiesRabbitry said...

You are so right on many fronts. Its almost a darned if you do darned if you don't thing.

By writing on a blog, or having a website we put ourselves out there. People need help. Some people aren't willing to share because of their fear of the repercussions. But if we don't do it, then how will newer breeders know how to handle some of the things we've been through.

Having winning rabbits, or experiencing success in rabbits can produce the same result. Some people will congratulate and share in those victories, and others will become jealous and act on that jealousy.

Don't let the negative stop you. Years from now when you look back, you'll be so glad for all the people you have helped. We get emails and comments from people all the time about what a help our website has been.

Keep up the good work, you'll be glad you did.

Three Little Ladies Rabbitry

§ilver §kittles said...


Amber said...

Wooo hooo! Susie's back...unedited! Love you, Susie. You are a wealth of information and inspiration to me. :)

The country life... said...

Susie you're very right about this.

I've had pasteurella in my herd and it very nearly knocked me right out of the whole rabbit world. I've been honest about my experiences with snuffles for many reasons but the most important one is with the hope that others will learn from my experiences and perhaps one day it will be eliminated. You totally have the right idea on this!

Keep said...

I know how you feel Susie, I talk about the good along WITH the bad on my blog too. So many people compliment me because they say the same thing we know- NO ONE wants to talk about things like wry neck or fly strike.

The same goes with CRAPPY attitudes, people selling trash, etc. etc. There will be plenty of people that can't handle it, but hopefully a few more folks will be more open as a result :)