Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Least of Credits

It's been over 3 years since I owned my first American Fuzzy Lop rabbit. It was a long, pretty rocky road at first. I had the hardest type getting my own animals bred and simply was not competitive enough. Like any herd, mine needed much improvement, and that's what I went after.

Within that year, Katie and I did a split shipment from Michigan of Fuzzy Lop rabbits. Don't get me wrong, we got a handful of pretty nice rabbits, but the few last minute add-ins from the other breeders we're not what we were going for, but decided to hold onto them anyways.

Eventually, that kick dwindled down. I got babies from my does, Kismet's Conejita(who still lives in our line) and Kismet's Sia, however I sold the one kit I did get from her(who was a really nice buck) and sold them both in a herd reduction.

It was until two years later, a bright idea came up, and I wasn't the one who came up with this idea... LOL. At first, I was still kind of "new" and was a little skeptical, but said, "Hey, why not!"

Within two months, there we were, pulling into Leslie Hobbs' driveway... over 700 miles away from home. It had been a long journey, but Katie and I ... we were QUITE thrilled... this was it. This was the type we liked. I brought home a trio, and Katie brought home two trios. At a point, I didn't know if I was coming home with anything, because I wasn't that into it. The pair I brought home directly from Leslie we in some of the first few cages when you walked in, it WAS loved at first site.... :)

Today, I only have one rabbit from my original string left here, and little of the old like I had. I really wish that would have worked too, but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

In life we constantly grow. And as we grow, life does not wait for us. Dreams we must chase. Paths we must take to get on the right track. As humans we do make mistakes, and sometimes, we must be willing to sacrifice to make them the way we want them and right. That is why I encourage anybody, who doesn't like where they are at, is to adventure and start over if you have too. It's all part of learning... and almost all of us have learned this in this hobby. Sometimes, it takes a couple/few times to make it right, or the way to want it. I completely understand liking/wanting different TYPE STYLES. They do exist.




Twin Elm's Independence Day- a Broken Orange Senior Buck I had an eye for at Convention last year in Louisville, Kentucky! He somehow ended up with a FOR SALE tag, and I about died... I think it was meant to be! <3

Follow your dreams! And as a dear friend told me last night, "This is your hobby, not theirs." applies for everything, and gives me encouragement to share these photos. Hope you enjoy. :)



Tru-Luv Rabbitry said...

Hey Susie, I love this post. As I read it through, I could definitely relate with your scenario. I am down with 2 of my initial line. The rest are totally new although I do not have much of them. It is definitely sweet to have what you set out looking for finally arriving into your barn. It brings back sweet memories to that faithful evening when my quad finally arrived. I guess, situations like these reminds you to persevere and sometimes be grateful for what we have. For I am sure the past rabbits have taught us all what we do not want and what we look forward for.

Keep up the great work and do not let anyone chase away your dream for you.

Think BIG and go for it!

Susie said...

Thank you so much Tim!!! <3