Monday, April 13, 2009

Fresh Kits, and Flowers

Wooligan's Hello Kitty, bred to Wooligans/WWR Ro Sham Bo, kindled 3 beautiful live healthy kits on 04/12/09, a few hours after Meena's passing, around 12:30am. Happy Easter!


My boyfriend Cam mentions a picture of the newly born babies, and as I went out there to take a photo, one had wool tangled around its neck! Yikes! I was very thankful for his psychic powers, he saved the little broken kits life.

And this morning, a beautiful Red Rose bloomed in our backyard. This is the Abraham Lincoln. I took a few pictures with WWR Estrella.



Hope everyone had a great Easter with family and friends!

Take care,
Susie Cederlof

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Kim said...

Wow, only California could have roses blooming this time of year!!! Up here in British Columbia on Vancouver Island, we won't see Roses blooming until July/August!!

I'm sorry to hear of the passing of your doe :(