Friday, April 17, 2009

Brilliant Photos

I think the #1 key to developing great photos is understanding your camera. Most digital cameras have several settings, and when you don't know of your options, it doesn't grasp the best shot.

#2 is natural sunlight. When you start becoming familiar with your settings and taking pictures, you'll know what lighting is best, and eventually for what colors you need to take shots of. No flash, please!

#3-- Patience. With your animals, or camera, even little things like flowers. Rio Vista is VERY WINDY on a regular basis. If I get aggravated with the wind, every thing blows up. Photos are a creation and take time and concentration.

Not everyday is appropriate for taking photos, if it is a weather thing, or a you thing. LOL.

To wrap the post, here is our Model, "MG's Mew" bred by Jennifer & Mary of MG Rabbitry who I've been watching for Katie of Starlite Rabbitry, she'll be going home this weekend! She sure is pretty, I'm sure Katie will be stoked when she takes her home, I'll miss her! (but not her 'tude... LOL)





"You don't take a picture, you make one."

Susie Cederlof

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